Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Sexy Saturday #10: No Way Out

Happy Saturday and welcome to another My Sexy Saturday! Today's snippet comes from my flash story, No Way Out.

Have you ever witnessed a situation where you thought you would intervene, if  you only dared? But maybe you kept silent, because you weren't sure it would be the right thing to do. Or any of your business. That's the position Wyatt Findley finds himself in. The young art student is house sitting in a fairly affluent neighborhood on a private street in St. Louis when he spies the young man across the street. He's washing an expensive automobile under the watchful aegis of an older man. After several hours pass, and Wyatt notices he is still at the task, something makes him decide to speak up... and so it begins.

If you like this snippet, the chapters are here on the blog. Enjoy!

Suddenly there was a hand touching Shy’s shoulder, and then that same hand appeared in front of his face, as if it was being offered to him, and he couldn’t help but see it as a lifeline. He started to reach for it, but thought better of his action at the last moment and knocked an imaginary bit of dirt from the car’s pristine panel.

“And you are?” Wyatt prompted.

Shy felt his face being tilted upward and his heart pounded madly in his chest. Oh there would be hell to pay for this, no question. “Sh-Shylor,” he managed to stammer out. He could feel Randy’s annoyance behind him, but he couldn’t make himself look away.

“Is there something we can help you with?” Randy broke into the moment and Wyatt released Shy’s chin. He was quivering, which made the butt plug quiver too, and fresh waves broke through him. He fought against them, stifling a moan. Not the time or place. And if he dared to come, without permission...

“I was going to ask you the same thing. I noticed Shylor’s been working on the car for a long time, thought he might like a hand.”

“Shylor has everything under control. He’s simply very thorough, that’s all. Mr... Finley, did you say?”

“No, Findley. With a d. Shylor, what do you say? I don’t mind using a little elbow grease. Between us, I’m sure we can knock this out in no time?”

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  1. I used to live in St. Louis so I got a great visual picture. Hmmm, interesting idea. Would I speak up or not?

    1. It's hard to know what we'll do until we're in the situation, I know. I don't think Wyatt planned to intervene. Most people tend to mind their own business, even if they see something they don't like. But sometimes you just have to take a stand, and this became one of those times for Wyatt.

      Thanks for stopping by, Naomi! Where did you picture them as being? I sort of seeing them in some neighborhood in Clayton, with the private streets. :)

      And no, I don't live there myself. Not even close lol