Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Sexy Saturday #8: Revelations

Good morning and Happy Saturday! This week, I'm going to offer another selection from Revelations. Today, I'm guest blogging on M.A. Church's blog, talking about the scene in the book that ended up on the cutting room floor, so to speak. In other words, it was edited from its original version. But if you want to read the outtakes, go here. And there will be a giveaway.

This is just a little bit of that scene, from Judas' POV.

Now the question is, where do I begin? Despite all the years I’ve spent dreaming of this moment, of being in just this very position with Jesus, I seem to have neglected to formulate any sort of a game plan for what I'll do now that I’m here. I don’t want it to be painful, but pleasurable, for both of us. Damned short-sighted of me, don't you think? I know I think so.

            But not an insurmountable problem. We've already gotten past two thousand years of lusting after one another in our hearts, just in order to be here. What else can compete with that? 

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