Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Starting With a Kiss Volume 2 Review

Starting With a Kiss, Vol 2    

Author: Youka Nitta
Publisher: Sublime Publishing
American release date: November 13, 2012
Format/Genre/Length: Manga/Yaoi/192 pages,
Publisher/Industry Age Rating: M (Mature), Parental Advisory – Explicit Content
Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★

Domoto’s accidental discovery of the continuing relationship between Tohru and Matsumi, via evidence left at the scene of a spontaneous tryst in the stairwell, does not bode well. He made it clear to Matsumi that he was not to touch Tohru in that way, and in his eyes the younger man has flagrantly disregarded his instructions. He bides his time and makes his move against Matsumi. When Tohro catches on to the fact that Matsumi is in trouble, he races to his father and wants to use some of the boys to find out where Domoto’s taken Matsumi. His father tells him to be patient, they’re grown men and they’ll work it out. I think this shows that Tohru cares for Matsumi more than he lets on, or he wouldn’t be so concerned about his welfare, and despite his almost cavalier attitude toward the other man at times.

This volume concentrates on Tohru and Matsumi’s growing relationship, which is obviously more than just the physical aspects, although they are certainly not suffering in that department either. At the same time, they must deal with their respective roles within the Yazuka organization, and their future, whether they end up together or not. Tohru fears Matsumi becoming a Yazuka because of him, and doesn’t accept that the decision comes from Matsumi’s deep feelings for him. Matsume tries to make him see he’d do anything for Tohru, to be with him.

There are forces working against them, and the arrival of Tohru’s cousin Asato only throws oil on the fire. Matsumi thinks there’s more to him than meets the eye, especially when he starts to plant certain ideas inside of Tohru. Who will have the greater influence on Tohru, and who will he trust more?

The characters are evolving nicely, and there is definite plot development, as well as plenty of sex. I liked this volume a little better than the first, although I enjoyed that thoroughly. The artwork is beautiful, as always. The sex is hot, and I love the chemistry between Tohru and Matsumi. I can’t wait for the next volume, although there’s no indication when it will be released. Not soon enough for me!

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