Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sexy Snippets #12: Be My Human

I'm taking this week's snippet from a WIP, Be My Human, the second book in the Moonlit Skies series by M.A. Church and myself. In Book One, Be My Alien, you met Reed and Taz. Reed is an overworked New Yorker who owns a men's boutique with a naughty back room. Taz is the alien on a bad date that was stranded at the Empire State building and literally fell into Reed's arms.

In book two, they're back! I think the snippet is self-explanatory. Enjoy!

Sexy green eyes looked up at him, the question in them clear.

Reed spread his legs a bit more. “Unzip me.”

A flash of desire and a quick smile. Taz bent over him and got to work. At the sound of his zipper coming down, Reed struggled to control his breathing. The fabric of his pants parted then Taz’s warm fingers dipped inside. Reed had been hard on and off since lunch, and Taz had been practically bouncing off the walls with desire. 

Want to know more about Reed and Taz?

Blurb:  Reed Hatcher’s life is work, work, work. He owns a successful men’s boutique in New York City, but a love life is out of the question—for many reasons. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and business is brisk. On an unexpected visit to the Empire State Building, a sexy man literally falls into Reed’s lap. His name is Taz and he’s just been dumped by his date. One look and Reed is hooked. He offers to buy Taz some coffee and they leave together.

Reed is attracted to Taz and takes him home to his apartment. But Reed discovers there’s more to Taz than he realized—especially when Taz’s stripes begin to show. And he has a tail? Turns out Taz is not quite like Reed. In fact, he comes from another planet, far far away, and he’s only on Earth for a vacation.
Reed never believed in aliens before, but he’s facing one now, and dear God, what is he going to do? Just when he decides he loves Taz and together they can handle anything, the alien that dumped Taz decides he wants him back and steals him away.

Can Reed live with the memory of what he almost had, and the love he found and lost? How can he ever face the moonlit skies again?

You can find Be My Alien at Dreamspinner Press.