Thursday, January 17, 2013

Disappointment in an Unjust Decision and AHS Nears an End

****SPOILERS AHEAD**** Since Top Chef Seattle began, there is one chef that has been my consistent favorite. While I like Stefan, and I didn't mind the now departed John, I felt the best chef there was Kristen. Well, as of last night, she is no longer a contender, and while it's partially her fault (but mostly Josie's), there has been a grave miscarriage of justice here. Last night on Top Chef was the Restaurant Wars that was set up last week, with Kristen and Sheldon as the two executive chefs. It turned out to be boys vs girls, with the boys one chef short after last week's elimination. Sheldon set up a Philippine restaurant, while Kristen went with her own version of classic French. The reason for her elimination is the pedantic chef Josie, who skated by on the backs of her fellow chefs, although she is possessed of mediocre talents and an abrasive, annoying personality. I could not believe they would eliminate Kristen over Josie's stupidity, but then again, Kristen should not have been so passive and put blame where it needed to go. My only hope is that she will return via Last Chance Kitchen. Otherwise, my hopes lie with Stefan now.

One episode left and then American Horror Story will be history. At least this season's, that is. Much as I loved the first season, I loved the second season just as much, if not more. I would gladly own both seasons in a heartbeat.  ***SPOILERS*****  Wow, so much has happened. People come and gone. Dr. Arden dead - threw himself atop Sister Mary Eunice's body as it was being rolled into the crematorium. Dr. Thredson, aka Bloody Face, dead, but survived by his child with Lana Winters. Kit ended up with two children and two women - Alma and Grace. Jude is still an inmate at Briarcliff, waiting for Monsignor Timothy to release her. But wait, he's a Cardinal now, has been for two and a half years, and she's still there. And that's not everything. Next week is the season finale. I suspect it will go out with a bang, not a whimper.

Hawaii 5-0 is excellent, as ever. Although apprehensive when I first learned of the remake, I had to give it a try because of Alex O'Loughlin, and I'm glad I did. It's well written, well acted, and better than the original. This week's episode was no exception, with Danny's nephew visiting from Jersey adding to the fun. The only complaint I have is in the relationship between Steve and Catherine, because I really don't like her, and I can only hope that goes nowhere. Also, the less seen of his mother, the better. Okay, I do have a complaint with the way CBS airs the show. It's often hit or miss and has no rhyme or reason. Good thing it's really good, so I make the effort to watch it.

I'm still watching Chopped and Restaurant Impossible, that goes without saying. We just got caught up with a series we recorded and never watched: Chef Wanted, with Anne Burrell. While it was enjoyable, I felt it was just another version of Chef Hunter, and they could save paying Anne Burrell's probably higher salary and keep the original show, which was just as good. We have a few more cooking series to catch up on - Around the World in  80 Plates, $24 in 24, and Baron Ambrosio. Will update when I can.

We're behind an episode on Person of Interest, due to a DVR mishap, but I'm still loving it, and especially look forward to watching Mr. Reese's fight scenes. So sexy! No new episode tonight, though.

Californication began its new season. ***SPOILERS**** As you may recall, Hank was drugged by his crazy ex, Carrie, just when happily ever after seemed to be within his grasp. This season begins with him awakening in the hospital, very much alive, with Carrie in a coma. He becomes wracked with guilt that he drove her to it and goes on a killer binge. Finally, the people in his life who love him tell him enough is enough and get thee to rehab. One of the funniest scenes involves Hank going to see a Johnny Depp lookalike movie star (played by Tim Minchin). I love these series, can't wait to see where this season is headed.

New shows coming up that I plan to watch:

The Following with Kevin Bacon starts on January 21, looks interesting. Riddle Street, on BBC America, also set to record. In March, I believe, is a series that is a prequel to Psycho, Bates Motel. And in June, Showtime has a series starring Liev Schrieber that I plan to try, Ray Donovan. Will keep you updated as I begin to watch them.

All for now, back to work!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

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