Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking ahead at 2013, American Horror Story and more

I spent last  night with Sarah, having a quiet New Year's Eve. We ate pizza and chicken wings from Little Caesar's (you can't beat a $5 pizza!), smoked Gouda, and crab dip that I made (the recipe is very easy. I took a brick of cream cheese and softened it, added garlic salt and pepper and spread it on a plate, then I took a bottle of cocktail sauce and mixed it with two cans of crab meat and spread it over the cream cheese and we ate it with crackers. Next time I might use chili sauce instead, since cocktail sauce has horseradish - yuck). We watched the Twilight Zone marathon on SyFy, which is still on, and I might watch more later. One of my favorite episodes is on at 6 CST (A Stop at Willoughby).

One thing I did not due was sit down and write a list of resolutions. Not because I have nothing planned for the New Year, because I do, but because I don't feel the need to make this list. Life is an ongoing project and sometimes you  need to adapt, not be locked into something you can't do.

I am going to continue to ride my bike every day (or almost every day) and keep losing weight.

I am going to continue to look for a more permanent job, hopefully one that utilizes my talents.

As for my writing, 2013 is starting out well. Revelations comes out in February, and Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night, my first real published horror story, in April, both with Museit Up Publishing. In May/June, Be My Alien will be released by Dreamspinner Press. Hopefully by then, the next book (or more) in the Moonlit Skies series will be finished, subbed and accepted. Hopefully they'll take When Will I See You Again as well, which I subbed on December 24th. That date makes it easy to remember when I sent it in. I'm currently reworking Leonardo di Caprio is a Vampire and plan to sub that to DSP as well.

For those who might be wondering, I have taken back all of my works from Silver Publishing, except for My Fair Vampire, which is not mine alone. I'm sure you're all aware of the trouble at Silver. The publisher is currently in breach of contract, and owes his authors a great deal of money. He has grossly mismanaged the company, spent money he should not have, and had a high old time, but everything comes at a price, and that price is being born by the authors and staff. I personally do not believe he will come out of this, not without selling the company. But it is no longer my concern, and my reasons for leaving go deeper than mere money issues.

I have lots of ideas for what I want to write in 2013, including sequels to books already out, like my To The Max series. I'm at work on Book 3. The second book is no longer available. I would like to be able to sub the second and third together, although I'm also tempted to send the second book out alone to see what might happen. I haven't decided on a publisher yet.

I would like to do something with my website, which is sorely neglected and pitiful. First, I need to get it to where I can actually work on it myself, without using a crapload of html.

So I've been not working again, not last week and not again this week, allowing me to get caught up on some of my shows. American Horror Story: Asylum is amazing. *****SPOILERS****Ian McShane plays a demented Santa Claus serial killer who has a history with Sister Jude and who is given his chance to play Santa again this Christmas thanks to Sister Mary Eunice (who, by the way, is possessed). It is awesome! Sister Jude, while trying to prove that Dr. Arden was once a Nazi (thanks to the woman claiming to be Anne Frank), gets in touch with a Nazi hunter. But that doesn't end well, and through circumstances, Jude ends up as a patient at the asylum! Thredson (who is the Bloody Face killer) ends up being held hostage inside the asylum by Lana and Kit. Lana wants him dead for what he did to her, but Kit needs him alive to prove that he's innocent - quite the quandary. Magnified when Thredson escapes. Frances Conroy, who was in the first season, returns as the Angel of Death, and Dylan McDermott appears as well. I'm truly loving this season, and plan to buy both of them when I can.

Now, for Iron Chef America Redemption. The finale went just as I predicted and  hoped. They eliminated Nate Appleman right off the bat and it became a battle between Amanda Freitag and Alex Guarnaschelli.   ***SPOILERS**** It was an awesome battle, and the secret ingredients were those that reflected the style of three senior Iron Chefs - Morimoto, Flay and Symon. Long story short, Alex won, and the next week went on to battle the Iron Chef UK who eliminated her in the first Iron Chef battle, Judy Joo, and handily beat her. Way to go, Alex! I'm excited at her selection and look forward to some great things from Alex. Unfortunately, I'm afraid this means she won't be Geoffrey's sous chef any more. Great sadness there. They are such a cute couple!

I'm still watching the New Normal, and they've toned Nana down a little, which helps, but sometimes I think that I'm going to stop watching it, but then there'll be these moments between David and Brian that make me go all gooey, and I know I can't. They're too cute together, so I'll keep watching for now.

Sweet Genius is as awesome as ever, and I could watch Chef Ron forever. I finished watching Life After Top Chef. I hope they put Fabio in something else - I'd watch it. If I could afford it, I'd take the Top Chef cruise lol

Justified is coming back this month, and so is Californication. Also The Following is beginning - I might try that.

Well, all for now, back to editing and writing!

Happy New Year to everyone, and I hope 2013 is a great year for all of us! Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie


  1. Happy New Year, Julie!

    I have a question. Is there going to be a book 5 in the Southern Comfort Series? If so, when will it be released? I have enjoyed reading all the stories and I am looking forward to more (hopefully). :)

    Hope 2013 will be a great year for you personally and professionally. :)

    1. Happy New Year to you, Lisa!

      Yes, and we are still writing it! So then it becomes a matter of finding a publisher, so no real idea of when it might be released. I'm glad you've enjoyed reading the series and would love to hear your thoughts on it! Feel free to email me at shelley_runyon@yahoo.com!

      Thank you! I hope 2013 will be an awesome year for you too in every way! <3

  2. Happy New Year, and I hope 2013 is prosperous for you. As for your Little Caesars love, my daughter works here at one in our hometown.