Friday, January 18, 2013

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Good morning and Happy Friday! The weather appears to be sunny and cold here. I'll know better when I actually step outside to run errands later on, something I've not done since last Sunday, when we went to see Gangster Squad. It's been a busy week! The good news is that I may be getting a temp job that will last for about two months and pays $12/hour! Also, I am almost done reworking Leonardo di Caprio is a Vampire, at which time I shall submit it to a new publisher!

Okay, so on to the question:


That is a more complex question than one might imagine. Some people will automatically assume villain, as in antagonist. But in some books, the villain is the protagonist. So I suppose it depends on one's definition.

Villain as protagonist - undoubtedly Hannibal Lecter, followed closely by Count Dracula. I have never seen Dr. Lecter as truly evil, simply on a different plane of existence from the rest of the world, a more elevated plane. He is charming, cultivated, knowledgeable, interesting, and he does have his standards regarding those whom he kills. If he is a little offbeat, well, that is understandable if you read Hannibal Rising, which explores his roots and what led him to be the way he is. And thank you, Anthony Hopkins, for bringing him so deliciously to the big screen.

As for my own books, which is a different question, I know, I think my favorite villain would be Lucifer, from Revelations, although the whole good/bad thing gets blurred at times. As Lucifer likes to say, he and God are not as diametrically opposed as some would suppose. But he does admit to being the villain in the story, albeit a very charming and vain one.

How do I see Lucifer in my own mind? Sort of a naughty Lucius Malfoy, but with greater power.

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