Saturday, April 9, 2016

One of my shows has just committed suicide....

I admit it's been a while since I've talked about what I'm watching, but last night's episode of Sleepy Hollow - the season finale, if not the series finale - has spurred me to do so. And yes, there will be ****SPOILERS GALORE****

This season has been rocky at best, but one plus was that we didn't have to deal with Katrina and Henry any longer, because I'm telling you that plot line quickly grew old and annoying.  This season we had Pandora and her god consort/husband, and neither one of them is going to win any medals for character anytime soon, I'll tell you. So where did it all go wrong? Did it start with the death of Joe Corbin, or was it already heading down a slippery slope by then? The addition of Jessica Camacho as the FBI agent who also happens to be aware of all the spooky stuff Crane and Abbie deal with on a regular basis was... not welcome? Annoying? I find the character very annoying. And now she's on their side? And so is Abbie's FBI boss? This circle is rapidly enlarging. And oh, the Mills' girls father is no stranger to these things, having been a close friend of August Corbin. And suddenly we're surrounded with people who know everything and spout their knowledge at the drop of a hat, and very little research  needs to be done any more....

And just stop! The worst is yet to come, though. They. Killed. Off. Abbie. Seriously. As in never coming back. One of the two Witnesses who formed the backbone of this program. Dead. Buried. Gone.

Sleepy Hollow writers - WTF?

Oh, before I forget, the role of the Mills' patriarch is played by familiar figure James McDaniel, who played Lieutenant Arthur Fancy on NYPD Blue.

So now Abbie is gone, but wait, they've left us with a kernel of hope - the Witness shall be reborn in someone else! All Crane has to do is find her! (or him, let's not exclude that possibility).

I believe the writers have committed television suicide with this move. I think they've pissed off a lot of fans, and they were sitting on a precarious perch as it was. Sure, there are some fans who aren't fazed by this development and say bring on the new season. But with a show that was already low in the ratings, I don't think their watching will be enough to sustain the life of Sleepy Hollow. Better to have ended the series on a high note than to let it die out, little by little, inch by inch.

Will I watch the new season? Probably, but only because Tom Mison is so compelling as Ichabod. I know I won't be happy. And if necessary, I will stop watching, just as I did Vampire Diaries, the Originals, and Grimm.Why waste your time on something that just annoys the bejesus out of you? There is little enough of that as there is.

Okay, moving on.

A couple of new shows caught my attention this season, which I've really enjoyed. One has been renewed for next year, the fate of the other is iffy. And oh, btw, it's also a Fox program.

Let's start with that one. It's called Second Chance.  **SPOILERS** It's the story of a 75-year-old disgraced sheriff named Jimmy Pritchard. Accused of witness tampering and tampering with evidence, he spends his old age drinking and gambling and being generally disagreeable, and alienating his son, Duval (played by Tim DeKay of White Collar and Carnivale). Jimmy happens to catch some intruders at his son's house, and he tries to stop them but is no match for them. They take him to a bridge, soak him in booze, and push him off, so now it appears that he's committed suicide.

Normally, this would be the end of the story, if not for the Goodwin twins, Mary and Otto. Otto is a
genius, has been brilliant since childhood, but as generally is the case, he has issues. He didn't speak until he was four, developed his own language which he taught to his sister and which is called twinspeak. They grew up to found a major social media phenomenon known as Looking Glass and are gazillionaires. But they learn that Mary has cancer, a very rare incurable form of. A devastated Otto refuses to give up and is convinced she can be cured by someone with a particular genetic marker. So he monitors, through the help of his elaborate interface, recently deceased people. And when Sheriff Jimmy Pritchard is targeted as a match, Otto goes into action and steals the corpse, places him in his tank, and basically revitalizes the man into a younger, stronger, better version of himself.

I became hooked on this show right away. The younger version of the Sheriff is played by Rob Kazinsky, who was Warlow on True Blood. He's damn sexy, let me say that first. And I love his character. His son is played by Tim DeKay, as I said. I never saw White Collar, but I did like him in Carnivale.

I especially love the growing relationship between Jimmy and Mary Goodwin, which began as a simple need of her for his blood but has become so much more, much to Otto's consternation. There is betrayal and jealousy involving not just Otto but Mary's personal assistant. Also, there is Duval, Jimmy's son, who is naturally skeptical when he meets Jimmy, and when he learns the truth... you can understand where he might not believe him. But that relationship is growing and changing too, as well as with Duval's sister and daughter.

The season ended on a big cliffhanger. The question now is will it come back? I hear ratings are not so good, so it's doubtful. But I like it, and I would definitely buy the DVD. I will buy Forever, when it drops to a better price. No show is worth $36 for one season.

I'm going to stop there for now, have errands to run. But I do want to talk more later, about Vikings and The Magicians and more.

Ta ta for now!

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