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Wednesday Briefs: Don't Look Back #55 (10.4)

Happy Hump Day everyone! If it's Wednesday, then it must be time for the Wednesday Briefers! Every week we bring you our best flash fiction, between 500 and 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts.

This week, Marshall and Lee continue with fun at the pond, having rid themselves of the wicked witch. Or have they? Come see what the boys are up to. Then visit the other Briefers to see what they've been working on! Their links follow my tale. Enjoy!

Don't Look Back #55 (10.4)

Marshall turned toward Lee. He dropped on all fours and crawled across the blanket, swinging his hips in a seductive manner, growling like a cat. He stopped in front of Lee and licked his lips, seeking instructions with his eyes.

“Strip!” Lee commanded brusquely. His voice sent shivers coursing through Marshall.

Marshall gauged there was two ways to go about this. Quickly and efficiently. Or slowly and seductively, prolonging the moment with the promise of paradise to come.

Judging by the gleam in Lee’s eyes, neither one was exactly in a hurry. So seductive and slow became the obvious choice.

Rising to his knees, Marshall locked eyes with Lee. He stretched both arms above his head, then reached one hand behind his back, pulling at his shirt. Ever so slowly, he tugged it up his torso, undulating his hips as he bared his skin, inch by inch. Finally, he pulled his shirt off, swung it over his head a couple of times, then tossed it to the ground.

As he reached for his belt, Lee swooped in, took one of Marshall’s nipples between his teeth and nipped. Marshall’s yelp was surprise mixed with pleasure. Lee sucked the nub into his mouth, sending flames of desire shooting to Marshall’s groin. The sensation only intensified when Lee reached for the other nipple, closing it between his thumb and forefinger in a gentle pinch.

If this was Lee’s idea of punishment, then bring it on!

Just as he thought he was going to explode, Lee pushed himself back and regarded Marshall with a self-satisfied smirk. “Keep stripping,” he instructed.

So that was how he was going to dole out punishment this time—he was going to rev him up, get his motor running,  then put him on hold again. Sneaky bastard he was—and how Marshall loved the way his mind worked.

Well, two could play that game.

He unbuckled his belt and undid the button beneath, then shimmied the zipper down just enough for the head of his cock to peep out. Switching gears, he fell back onto his butt and toed off each boot, followed by his socks.  He teased his zipper down just a little more, even though his cock was more than ready to be freed now. Prolonged pleasure was all the sweeter for having had to wait. He’d learned that from Lee.

Lee never said a word, but Marshall could read his enjoyment in his eyes. He continued to lower the zipper even as he rose to his feet, grinding his hips in a slow, sensual motion.  Finally, he pushed the fabric down his legs so his swollen cock could spring free, then kicked the jeans aside, standing naked before Lee.

“Come over here, boy,” Lee said softly, and Marshall took one step toward him, then another.
Lee wrapped one hand about Marshall’s erection, encompassing his cock and balls, before he took Marshall into his mouth, devouring him to the root. Marshall trembled in Lee’s grasp, his knees threatening to give away before the intensity of the sensations that flooded him at Lee’s touch. He caught himself and firmed his stance as Lee’s tongue circled and explored his aching cock.

Marshall was too close to coming for comfort. He clenched his cheeks, fighting the feeling that threatened to overwhelm him, drawing in deep breaths, until he felt the tension drain away.  At that moment, Lee removed his mouth, to Marshall’s dismay. Lee scooted backward, then gained his feet and began his own sultry strip tease.

Marshall watched in complete fascination as every bit of Lee’s beautiful flesh was revealed, little by little, by the light of their fire. He longed to reach for him, to let his fingers wander over the familiar planes of Lee’s body. But he knew better, knew Lee would give him permission when the time was right. Until then, he just needed to stand still and obey.

Once Lee had shucked all his clothes, he surprised Marshall by pulling him close, their erections rubbing hungrily against one another. What sort of torture had he devised now to keep Marshall panting and wanting more?

“Punishment be damned,” Lee murmured throatily, “I want you too much. Need you so much, always.” He claimed Marshall’s mouth, reigniting the fire inside Marshall. They dropped together to the blanket, by mutual accord, Lee on top, mouths still joined.

Marshall felt a whimper building in his throat. His whole body ached to be filled by Lee, and Lee’s heartfelt words only served to stoke the flames of his desire. This was their life, this was their love, and as far as Marshall was concerned, it was perfect.

As if responding to Marshall’s need, Lee slid inside him in one fluid motion, sheathing himself in Marshall’s heat. Marshall moaned, tightened his muscles about Lee’s cock, receiving a reciprocal moan in return.

Lee continued to surprise Marshall. He’d expected hard and fast, all things considered. But what he got was soft and gentle, and yet utterly satisfying.  Lee caressed Marshall’s cheek, his hair, even as he established the rhythm of their familiar dance, their bodies working in tandem.

“Finger me,” Lee whispered, and Marshall was more than happy to obey. He wetted two fingers in his mouth before sliding his hand down Lee’s back, caressing his firm cheeks, spreading them a little more before inserting first one finger, then the other.

Lee responded with a shudder that vibrated his lean frame. He reached between them, grasped Marshall’s cock, and began to pump it in sync with his thrusts. They locked eyes in this perfect moment. Marshall could gaze into Lee’s eyes forever, lost and yet found in Lee’s heart. He arched his back as he came, Lee’s name on his lips. Moments later, Lee released inside Marshall.

They collapsed together in a sweaty tangle of limbs. Lee repositioned himself to ease his weight on Marshall. He kissed Marshall softly, caressed his cheek. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”

to be continued

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