Saturday, July 4, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: To the Max

The theme for today's My Sexy Saturday is Keeping It Sexy - the things that lovers do for one another. I thought I'd turn to my first published novel, To The Max, for inspiration. Max and Richard are a very devoted couple, and they do enjoy doing things for one another.  In this scene, Richard has taken Max away for the day to the country, to a little land they own along a river. Just the two of them, and fun in the sun. Enjoy! As we peek in on our lovers, Richard is about to put suntan lotion on Max, who burns easily. (Btw, he's also a werewolf).

I do as he asks, of course.  I'm a rather obedient wolf, I must admit.  "Back or front first?" I ask.

            "Back first," he responds, squirting the thick white fluid onto his long, slender fingers in preparation.  This particular brand is supposed to be good for the skin as well, filled with vitamins and emollients and such like.  It has a pleasant silky texture, and a nice smell, and we've discovered that it works well for other purposes too.  I flip onto my stomach, lay my head onto my interlaced fingers, and relax.  Richard settles himself on me, straddling my legs as he spreads the lotion, beginning with my shoulders, not just troweling it on but actually using the flat of his hand to work it into my skin, where it will do some good.  I like the feel of him on top of me, the comforting solidness of his body on mine.  His gentle touch.  He gives good back rubs, too.

            He makes sure that he covers my back, his hands moving lower and lower as he massages the goo into my skin.  When he reaches my ass, his slides his fingers teasingly between my cheeks, brushing lightly across my pucker, which produces a moan from me.  So, for good measure, he does it again. 

            "Quit teasing unless you're serious," I warn him.  He only laughs, slaps my butt and tells me to roll over so he can do my front.  Of course I am now sporting an erection.  "Grease that up and I'll show you what I can do with it," I offer.

            "We have all day, sweet thing," he grins, "I think we'll find time for you to show me a thing or two."

            Pouting isn't working, so I have to content myself with that thought for the moment, as he covers my chest.  The little devil!  He tweaks my nipples, supposedly in the cause of applying sunscreen, but I know better.  I try to reach for his cock, which isn't easy considering the angle at  which he is to me, but he merely slaps my hand away again.  "Slow learner, are we?" he asks smugly.

            "You're a cock teaser, is what you are," I growl, and he only smirks all the more.

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