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Wednesday Briefs: Don't Look Back #29 (6.2)

Happy Hump Day! If it's Wednesday, it  must be time for some flash fiction from the authors of the Wednesday Briefs! We take our inspiration from our prompts - visual and words - and give you flash fiction between 500 and 1000 words! Come on in and see what's going on this week!

In last week's Don't Look Back, Lee plugged Marshall with a vibrating butt plug, then put him on simmer... and man, is this day long! Plenty of fun with your favorite couple! Don't forget to check out the other Briefers, whose links follow my tale. Enjoy!

Don't Look Back #29 (6.2)

Marshall thought dinner would never end.
It felt like everyone they knew in Burnham—which was practically the whole town—had decided to eat at Milly’s that night. And every one of them had something they needed to say, a story they had to tell, or a question that just had to be asked.

The situation was exacerbated by random pulses shooting through his ass when Lee touched the remote, which he’d brought with him. Of course, Marshall could have told him to stop that and Lee would have, no questions asked. But Marshall wasn’t about to do that. It was torture, sure, but of the most exquisite kind. And Marshall knew if he endured it, then his reward would be all the sweeter for having done so.

At least when Roy invited them back to his house to shoot a little pool, Lee graciously declined the invitation, citing pressing business that needed to be taken care of. Roy shook his head at them good-naturedly, and just grinned.

Good thing dinner didn’t last any longer than it did. Marshall’s legs were almost jelly by the time they got up to go. His ass was on fire, and every nerve ending he possessed was on high alert, in anticipation of what was to come.  Lee held out his arm to give him something to hang on to, but Marshall stubbornly refused. He saw amusement glint in Lee’s eyes, as well as admiration.

They arrived home in record time, and made a beeline for the bedroom. No more waiting, no more foreplay, no more anticipation. The moment of truth had arrived.

“Undress, boy,” Lee directed, and Marshall wasted no time in obeying, his fingers fumbling at every button, his arousal so intense he could almost taste it. Lee also stripped, down to his own bulging erection, evidence of his desire for Marshall. He pointed to the bed, and Marshall lay down, bending his legs, and spreading them apart for Lee’s benefit.

When Lee removed the butt plug, Marshall felt an emptiness, an ache that demanded to be filled. He bit back the whimper that threatened to spill from his throat, but he was sure his eyes reflected his neediness. Not to mention, Lee could read him like a book.

Lee knelt between Marshall’s legs, laying a tender kiss on either knee, as he inserted two fingers inside of Marshall. “Damn, boy, you’re ready for me, aren’t you?”

“Sir, yes Sir,” Marshall agreed. “Aren’t I always ready for you?”

“Hell  yes, you are.”

Lee teasingly licked along the inside of one thigh, down the length of the leg to the crease. He twisted his fingers inside of Marshall, eliciting a moan.

“You did good tonight, boy,” Lee praised him.  “You deserve a reward. What would you like?”

Marshall was conflicted. On the one hand, he’d love to take Lee’s fat dick into his mouth and suck him off until he screamed. But on the other hand, his need to have that cock inside his ass, fucking him hard, was pretty strong.

What he didn’t expect was for Lee to offer him Door Number Three. The chance to do something he’d often dreamed of, but never been allowed to do.

Lee removed his fingers from Marshall’s channel, then stretched himself out on top of Marshall, their cocks rubbing deliciously together, as he murmured in Marshall’s ear, “How about tonight I fuck you to your heart’s delight and tomorrow night, I let you fuck me?”

Well, knock him down with a feather…

Marshall had dreamed about this moment for such a long time, he was sure he must be hallucinating. Hearing what he wanted to hear. But no, those words had actually come out of Lee’s mouth. He’d actually made the offer.

Was there any question what Marshall’s answer would be?

Heart beating almost out of his chest, he responded in a voice thick with lust, “Yes Sir, that sounds perfect.” And then Lee’s mouth crashed down on his, and he was consumed once again with love for Lee.

Marshall arched up into Lee’s embrace. He locked his ankles at the base of Lee’s back, rubbing against him almost frantically, his need growing stronger by the second. When they came up for air at last, Lee moaned, “Roll over and grab the headboard.” Marshall wasted no time in obeying, kneeling on their pillows at the head of the bed.

Lee pressed up against Marshall. He pulled Marshall’s hair back from his ear and sucked the earlobe into his mouth, even as he reached around him, caressing his chest and nipples.

Marshall thought he might lose his mind if Lee didn’t get inside of him right now. He ached to be filled by Lee’s cock. He hungered for him more than he’d ever thought it was possible to want someone.

“Lee,” he moaned, unable to suppress his need.

“Yes, baby,” Lee murmured, as he thrust up inside Marshall, filling him completely.

“Yes!” Marshall cried. “God, yes.” He gripped the headboard tightly, pushing back to meet Lee’s thrusts. 

“Not deep enough,” Lee declared, after several minutes of intense exertion. He slapped one of Marshall’s cheeks. “On your back,” he commanded, withdrawing, to Marshall’s chagrin.

Marshall slid quickly onto his back, his eyes pleading for Lee. Lee lifted Marshall’s leg, placed it on top of his shoulder and re-positioned himself inside of Marshall. The new angle meant he could thrust harder and deeper, and Marshall moaned his approval with every breath he took.

This was what Marshall had been waiting for all day. This was the main event for which the vibrating butt plugs had only been the warm-up bout. All the sweet agony he’d endured every time Lee pressed the remote was worthwhile, justified by this moment in time.  Even sitting through dinner plugged and unable to do anything to ease his agony.

“Goddammit, Lee, I love you so much.”

Lee’s lips made further words unnecessary.

to be continued

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