Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tease Me Thursday #43: Don't Look Back

Brrr, and a chilly Thursday it is! Winter seems determined to remind us it's here - as if we didn't know that. At least it's not snowing here, except for a very little bit yesterday that didn't amount to anything. So now we're one step closer to the weekend, so it's time to be teased, right?

Seven words, seven sentences, seven paragraphs. Just a little bit to whet your appetite!

In this week's snippet from Don't Look Back, Lee brings out the remote control vibrating butt plug, and it's down to business. Although it's a waiting game they're playing, as he keeps control of the remote and keeps Marshall on simmer all day!  Enjoy!

“Now, bend over and spread’em,” Lee directed.  He set the remote aside and pulled the lube from the drawer in the bedside table.

Marshall obeyed and bent over the bed, his forehead touching the bedspread, his hands going to his backside, spreading his cheeks.   

“Such a pretty sight,” Lee murmured, coming up behind him. He felt Lee’s lips lightly press a kiss onto his pucker, before he slid the lubed plug into position. It fit snugly in Marshall’s channel.

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