Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tease Me Thursday #42: Don't Look Back

Welcome to the first Tease Me Thursday of 2015! I hope everyone had a very happy and safe New Year's Eve! I know I did. Spent the evening with Sarah, watching Twilight Zone on SyFy and eating snacks. She made the most wonderful guacamole dip! I could hardly stop eating it! And I worked on my cross stitch project. At midnight, we toasted one another with sparkling white grape juice. A very lovely evening!

Tease Me Thursday - 7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs, highlighting either a WIP or a finished work.

Tonight's tease comes from my continuing flash fiction, Don't Look Back, which is about the unusual relationship between Marshall and Lee. In today's tease, the two men are concluding a business/pleasure trip to San Antonio with a little bit of pleasure of their own involving an adult toy. Enjoy!

He felt a pressure nudge against his hole. But he realized immediately it wasn’t the warmth of Lee’s flesh. This was a little harder, almost like soft plastic, even if the shape was the same… Ah, Marshall knew now. Sneaky Lee had packed one of their toys, and was going to fuck him with it. Marshall shivered in anticipation.

Lee slowly eased the dildo inside of Marshall, allowing his muscles to relax. The first time Lee had suggested using an artificial phallus, Marshall had wondered what was the purpose, since God had given Lee a rather magnificent cock of his own, so why use anything else? Wasn’t that for horny single women and desperate gay men?

Marshall quickly learned why, and he was suitably impressed the first time he felt the vibrations in his channel. Okay, maybe that was something Lee couldn’t do. He promised to keep a more open mind to new ideas in the future.

Lee moved the dildo in and out at an even pace. Marshall refrained from begging for more, sure that wouldn’t get him further than patience. Sure enough, he felt the vibrator come to life, and he cried aloud from the sheer pleasure of it.

“Like that, do you boy?”

“Oh yes, yes, yes.” Marshall bowed his back again, straining at the cuffs that restricted his hands. His torment was made worse when Lee palmed his cock once more, ratcheting the level of his desire even higher. He wanted to touch Lee, so badly he ached. Wanted to be able to come. If not for the cock ring, he was pretty sure he would’ve blown by now.

And he wanted to look at Lee. Stare into his beautiful eyes when he came.

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