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Guest Blogger JC Wallace

Please welcome friend and fellow author/Briefer JC Wallace, who's here to talk about her first book release,
Curiosity Killed Shaney. Have a seat and make yourself at home, JC, while I find something to drink. Go ahead and start, why don't you?

Hi, everyone! I want to thank Julie for inviting me to the blog. Curiosity Killed Shaney is my first published novel and I am thrilled to share this story with all of you.

This blog tour got huge fast! There are awesome prizes to that will be given away at the end of the tour. At the end of this post, you will find a link to enter!  Check in at www.jcwallacebooks.com for links to all of the blogs in the tour and you can enter as much as you like!


You’re marooned on a small island with one person and one item of your choice—who is that person and what item do you have?

My one person would be my personal cabana boy, Stephan, who performs any and all tasks at my whim. My one item would have to be something to write on. Since it’s a small island, I’m sure there is no power so my computer would be out. Oh! How would I ever survive without my computer? I guess Stephan would need to comfort me.

Take these three words and give me a 100 word or less scene using them:  license, hymn, shoehorn.

Okay, I am going to be a little cheesy here! LOL

Joseph eyed the beautiful man who stalked across the room as if he had prey in his sights. Joseph pushed his palm against his bulging erection surreptitiously hidden beneath the table. If his cock got any harder, he’d need a shoehorn to get it out of his pants. Those broad shoulders, bulging pecs, and square jaw were all too much. The walking god should need a license to carry so much lusciousness in one package and be that hot. A quick gaze in Joseph’s direction from those blue eyes and he swore he heard angels singing hymns of praise.

You’ve just been let loose in the world of fiction, with permission to do anyone you want. Who do you fuck first and why?

Oh, that would be Sam Kage from Matter of time by Mary Calmes. So large and sexy and manly, and in charge...Grrr! I have the first two stories on audiobook and, if it were possible, they’d be considered worn out by now!

What is your idea of how to spend romantic time with your significant other?
At the moment, there is no significant other in my life, but I can tell you what I envision as a romantic time. We’d be at home lying on a nice bed of blankets and pillows on the floor in front of the fireplace. It would be night so only the glow of the fire would light the room. There would be low music, definitely fruit and chocolate, and something nice to drink. Talking, touching and, well, whatever else we could think of to entertain ourselves.

When you start a new story, do you begin with a character, or a plot?
Whatever comes to mind first. I’ve had stories grow from one word, or one characteristic I would like a character to have, or one event that I imagine happening to someone.  My prompts come from EVERYWHERE. I love to take prompts and do “What ifs...” For Curiosity Killed Shaney, I did “what ifs” from the phrase “Someday your curiosity will get the better of you”....What if your curiosity always got you into trouble? What is people were tired of your curiosity? What if your curiosity someday killed you?

Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow, the blog tour will visit the blog of RJ Scott. Hope to see you there!

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Blurb: Shaney's curiosity is always getting him into trouble, including stumbling into a ritualistic circle and being imbued with an energy that will eventually tear him apart. He soon finds out that Hudson, a man he cares for deeply, might be responsible for his misfortune. Add in the betrayal by his best friend Todd and the desire of a demented occultist named Silas to control the energy inside of him and there seems to be no way out. Can Shaney find a way to rid his body of the nefarious energy before he dies a horrible death?

Shaney peered cautiously around the aisle of junk peddled on late night television as items that that no one could live without. Yeah, right, Shaney snorted to himself. With anything but suave subtlety, he looked for his target through the open racks of clothes and tall shelves filled with shoes. Well, tall for him. Yes, he was short for a man. Hell, he was short for a pre-pubescent teenager. And in one of the cruelest twists of fate, at five feet six inches, Shaney was the shortest of his three siblings—three sisters, actually. Oh, yeah, as if that hadn’t been a wonderful childhood.
He sighed, reminding himself that he’d long ago come to terms with his lack of verticality—sort of. Silently, he slipped around the end of the shelf, moving slow and smooth, like the aforementioned cat. He worked his way toward the first rack of haphazardly piled shoes. Of course, he should straighten those up later. He stopped about ten feet from the rack, not daring to get any closer. As he peered through one of the shelves, he caught just a glimpse of his target’s red shirt. The man was rifling through the rack of sweatshirts.
If he could just get a bit closer, get a better look…
Shaney froze as the man—and, oh, what a man he was—walked out from behind that rack of shoes, a black sweatshirt in hand. Maybe if Shaney remained still, he wouldn’t be spotted out there in the open, drooling, because that was what he did when faced with the most gorgeous specimen of man known to humankind. The hunky man’s spiky black hair was longer on top and shorter on the sides. He had a five o’clock shadow at ten a.m. covering a strong jaw with—oh, hell—a dimpled chin and intense crystal blue eyes centered by the straightest, most slender nose ending over mouth-watering lips that were just waiting to be sucked and nibbled. That red T-shirt covered wide shoulders and biceps. Black jeans hugged a slim waist and caressed every single muscle with each confident, I-own-the-world step he took in black work boots. And talk about tall!
Shaney stopped breathing as Mr. Tall, Dark, and Hunky came down his aisle. The man’s blue eyes scanned the store looking from something or…someone?
Time ceased and the world narrowed as those eyes penetrated straight into Shaney’s soul, connected with his very essence, and awakened Shaney’s cock within his pressed chinos. Those forceful eyes were staring and, wait...frowning, as the man came straight at him! Panic seized Shaney’s body. Oh, fuck! He saw me staring and now he’s going to kill the cat! Damn, Todd for being right! Unable to break from the intensity of that unyielding gaze, Shaney started to scramble backwards with no regard for direction—just away from Mr. Tall, Dark, and Angry.  Shaney sprinted in reverse as the man raised his hand and pointed a finger.
“Hey. You.”
Even faced with imminent death, the man’s voice vibrated through every nerve in Shaney’s small frame. If he had to die, let his death be at the hands of this god.
Every cell in Shaney’s body followed the forceful order, but not before Shaney slammed into the shelf behind him. He gasped, the breath knocked from his lungs. He grasped for anything solid to hold onto as the useless treads of his sneakers slid on the waxed floor. Items rocked on the shelf, some toppling, others just threatening.
This is gonna hurt, Shaney thought and cringed until his hand finally grasped a shelf, and his other hand found purchase as well.
The enormous display shelf settled as Shaney struggled to steady his feet. He closed his eyes, sucking in large quantities of air. His hands vibrated against the steel of the shelf, unyielding in their death grip. The whoosh of blood in his ears cocooned him in silence and he almost forgot about…Shaney’s eyes popped open, and he jumped back in surprise to see Mr. Tall, Dark, and Angry right in his face. And next, as is standard humor in classic Saturday morning cartoons, something heavy fell out of the sky, landed on Shaney’s head, brought him to his knees, then flat on his face. The only thing missing were those annoying little chirpy bluebirds circling his head. He’d have to settle for stars.

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About JC Wallace

I have been writing all of my life, however it was just this year that I ventured out to be published. In my day job, I am a behavior analyst. At night and on the weekends, I write about all things men. I believe there is nothing hotter than two men finding and loving one another, whether for a night or forever. An avid reader of M/M romance, I love a good twist of a plot, HEA, HFN, or tragic ending.

I am owned by three kids, one grandchild and one on the way, two dogs and one cat. I live in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains in Northern NY

Thanks for stopping by, JC! Come back again soon!


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