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Wednesday Briefs: Dallas in Wonderland II: Chapter Ten

I think Spring is trying to arrive, little by little. We had a flurry of snow yesterday, but not much to speak of. And it was almost 40 when I left work, so yay! Happy Wednesday! Time for some more flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers!

Last week, Dallas confided to Campbell about everything - Wonderland, Samuel, Quentin - and Campbell wants to not only help Dallas get back, but go with him! But how to get there? More plottage in this week's chapter of Dallas in Wonderland II. Don't forget to visit the other Briefers, whose links follow my tale. And be aware  - we have a FLASH VIRGIN!  Enjoy!

Dallas in Wonderland II: Chapter Ten

First order of business—where?

That was actually a no-brainer. For what they had in mind, no public place would do. Not even a dive like the Rusty Heifer. So Dallas’ apartment it was.
The when was trickier. Dallas wanted to do it on a night when neither he nor Campbell worked. How embarrassing to have to leave in the middle of one’s interrogation.

Sorry, dude, gotta work. To be continued.

So they had to postpone their plans, to Dallas’ chagrin, until their schedules meshed for longer than an hour or two.

Most important of all was the what. What were they trying to get out of Dallas’ smarmy ex? The answer to that was the secret of how to get into Wonderland. Or back into Wonderland, in Dallas’ case. And to do it without giving Quentin the impression Dallas wanted to sleep with him, God forbid.

They regularly met in Campbell’s apartment, depending on their schedule. Dallas had actually taken to sleeping there more often than not.  He found that when he slept with Campbell, he didn’t have any of his usual nightmares, and slept much better than in his own bed.

He wasn’t on the couch any longer. Campbell had insisted he share the bed, and Dallas didn’t argue with him. He was grateful for the warmth of the other man, even knowing that sleeping was all that would happen, there could never be anything more between them. He needed a friend like Campbell in the worst possible way, and he was grateful for the support he offered, support that had been sorely lacking in Dallas’ life.
Oz was a child, much as he loved his nephew. And as for Paris... sometimes he wondered just whose side she was on. But he tried not to think about it too much.

“We have to pretend to be nice to him,” Campbell pointed out. “But not too nice. We don’t want him to become suspicious.”

“That’s for sure,” Dallas agreed.

They sat together in their usual spot, on Campbell’s couch. Dallas had just come off another rotten shift at the Rusty Heifer, and Campbell had worked long hours at the hospital. They took turns rubbing one another’s feet. At the moment, Dallas’ feet lay in Campbell’s lap, and he was enjoying the way Campbell massaged his soles.

“What does Quentin like to do?” Campbell asked.

“Anyone he can,” Dallas said wryly.

“Oh honey, you don’t need that kind of trouble in your life. You’re better than that.”

Dallas sighed, relaxing into Campbell’s gentle touch.

“Yeah, I should have known better, but he had me fooled. Lot of that going around.”

“Hush, don’t talk like that. You just need to quit kissing frogs and get to the prince.” He gave Dallas a half-lidded look that was an open invitation. One Dallas couldn’t quite bring himself to accept.

“Does he like to drink?”

“That’s putting it mildly,” Dallas muttered. “His favorite activity is getting drunk. Well, after fucking anything that moves.”

“How well does he hold his liquor?”

Dallas thought back to the times he spent watching Quentin get loaded. Back when he thought everything Quentin did was cute. That thought along made him want to gag.

“He gets goofy and he giggles a lot. Wants to do crazy things. Like pissing off the back porch. Or going to the convenience store and stealing something. I’m surprised he never got caught. Probably gave the clerk a blow job afterward, once he put me to bed. Bastard.”

“Sounds like a real charmer,” Campbell commented. “Anything else?”

Dallas snorted, remembering something else. “Yeah, sometimes he’d get drunk and we’d go over to Paris’s place and he’d steal some of her clothes and bring ‘em back and play dress up.”

“Sounds like that boy is a closet queen.” Campbell flipped one hand in the air. “And we spell that d-i-v-a around here, you know?”

“Could be,” Dallas agreed, yawning. “I’m not sure how that helps us, though, do you?”

“Just thinking out loud, sugar.” He tried to stifle a yawn of his own, but failed.  “Come up here, and let’s cuddle for a minute. It’s a little chilly in here.”

Dallas started to remind Campbell it was June, almost July, and certainly not chilly. On second thought, why not? He rotated himself on the couch until he was pressed up against Campbell, and Campbell put his arm around him, drawing Dallas against him. Mmm, this felt good.

“Maybe you can get him drunk, and I can knock him around a little bit,” Campbell was saying. Dallas’ eyes were drooping. He was too comfortable to respond with more than a grunt, although he did appreciate the offer.

“Or we can borrow some of your sister’s clothes and let him put on a drag show?”

That produced a muffled snort from Dallas. His hand began to creep beneath Campbell’s scrub shirt. To keep warm, he told himself. Nothing else. Campbell’s skin was firm, and deliciously warm to the touch.

“He can be Queen for a Day,” Campbell continued, as if unaware of what Dallas was doing, although he had to know.

Campbell’s words darted through Dallas’ brain, although his second brain seemed more intend on what his hand was doing, as he softly stroked Campbell’s belly. So good. So very good.

Queen, queen, queen reverberated in his mind. Suddenly, he heard a shrill voice. “Off with his head! Off with his head!”

He sat up with a jolt, losing the warmth of his contact with Campbell, producing a sigh from his friend.

“What if we make him think he needs to go back to play queen again?” Dallas was thinking furiously, trying to form a coherent thought in his tired brain when he really wanted to curl up in Campbell’s lap and sleep.

“Tell him it’s for the good of Wonderland?” Campbell ruffled Dallas’ hair softly.

“Something like that, yeah. What do you think?”

“I think that’s a great idea. Let’s sleep on it.”

to be continued

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