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Wednesday Briefs: Trapped in Time II: Chapter Ten

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that everyone has a wonderful day, filled with love and laughter, good friends and good cheer, and the warmth of those who are closest to you! Just because it's Christmas day doesn't mean there isn't any flash fiction. Of course not! So be prepared for more from the Wednesday Briefers!

Last week, in Trapped in Time II, Doll and his fellow travelers arrived at the hotel, disguised as an acting troupe. As if that isn't bad enough, Shaughnessey seems to be hinting that Doll would make a good Juliet. Can things get any worse? Find out in this week's episode! Also, a reminder that I will be pulling Trapped in Time II soon so I can work on it and get it ready for publication! Hope you're enjoying it! D
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Trapped in Time II: Chapter 10

It is on the tip of my tongue to tell him just what he can do with his inappropriate thoughts and ridiculous ideas, but Vati steps in before I can get the words out. “A good play,” he agrees. “But then, does Shakespeare write any other kind?” He pats my arm gently. “Well, we should get our things and take them to our room, don’t you think?” What can I do but agree? I give Shaughnessey a glare but the effect is somewhat lost when he simply grins at me.

“I’ll check on you later.” Before I can tell him that’s not necessary, he’s winked and walked away. Again. What an infuriating man. I am so livid that I am barely aware that Vati has taken me outside to the wagons, where we gather what stuff we have.

“Isn’t this wonderful?” Myron is fairly humming with excitement, so of course Charlie is pleased, and Mary too. I half expect someone to comment on her presence in the hotel lobby, as we walk back through it, heading up the stairs, but no one does. Can they have seen an actual monkey before? I wonder.

As soon as Vati unlocks the door and we walk into the room, I know this will not do. There is one bed in the middle of the room. It has a metal frame and is covered by a patchwork quilt. It will sleep two, but no more. There are four of us, plus Mary.

“You and Rolf take the bed,” Myron quickly offers. “Charlie and I can sleep on the floor. Maybe we can get extra blankets?”

Maybe. But I would not hold my breath on that. This hotel does not seem first quality to me.

“I will go downstairs and see if there are extra beds,” Vati says. “It will be all right, you shall see.” He gives me a reassuring smile before he leaves. I turn my attention to the one window in the room, crossing the floor and pushing up on the frame. It opens. That is good, as it’s a little warm in here. At least we shall be able to get some fresh air. After the past few weeks of sleeping beneath an open sky, this will take some getting used to, although the bed is a welcome change.

Our window overlooks the main street before the hotel. I hope that it isn’t too noisy at night. People are bustling about, men and women both. And even a few children. At the sound of Myron’s voice behind me, I turn to face him.

“You know that it was common for men to play the part of women, don’t you, Doll? I mean, a long time ago, of course. When women weren’t permitted to appear onstage.” He looks unsure if I am going to bite his head off for this bit of information. I am not mad at him. Not any more, anyway.

“Doll would look good in a dress,” Charlie adds his encouragement. He and Mary are examining the room. Mary is fascinated by the mirror over the dresser and stares at her reflection as if wondering who the other monkey in the room is. Meanwhile, Charlie has discovered the chamber pot in the corner. I point and Myron hastens to his side before he can pick it up.

The realization washes over me that this hotel does not have indoor facilities. There are some things we take for granted in our modern life, and running water and indoor plumbing are two of those things. I sigh. It is not as if we have a choice in the matter. Hopefully, it won’t be for long.

“I know, yes,” I reply at long last to Myron’s observation. “I just hope we won’t be here long enough to worry about it. I want to find Vittorio and go.”

Myron nods as he pulls Charlie back to the center of the room. He spots Mary and decides to join her in her game and soon both are staring, mesmerized, into the mirror. “Please don’t worry, Doll. Your father and I shall work out what went wrong. We will find Vittorio and then we will go home.”

He sounds so confident. I wish I was as sure as he seems to be.

I turn back to the window, watching the people once again, when suddenly something catches my attention and I gasp aloud. Could it be... Is that?

I spin about and fly toward the door. “Doll, what is it?” Myron calls after me but I have no time to reply. I race down the hall and skip down the stairs and out the front door of the hotel. Once on the street, I look about. There, I did see it! My pennyfarthing! It’s just disappearing from view as I race toward it.

The rider has turned the corner and ridden a block or two before I catch up to him. A child, maybe ten years of age or so, sits on the seat. But this is my bike, without a doubt.

I grab the wheel and he’s forced to stop, gazing at me with a fearful expression.

I have to catch my breath before I can cry out, “Where? Where did you find my pennyfarthing?” He looks confused.

“I didn’t steal it. Honest, mister. I found it. Please don’t get me in trouble, you can have it.”

Found it? My hopes crash around me. Of course. Vittorio and the pennyfarthing were separated, just as he and I were. I had just hoped...

I pat the boy’s arm reassuringly. “There is no trouble. I was just hoping... Never mind. You can keep it. Have fun with it.” It’s the least I can do for scaring him.

“Gee, thanks, Mister.”

As I turn to go, he adds, “You talk funny, like that other guy.”

What? “Who do you mean?”

“The one at the church.” He points down the street and I spy a steeple.

 To be continued

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