Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Sexy Saturday #12: A Special Christmas

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm back with some more Sexy Saturday goodness! This week my seven sentences comes from my latest release, A Special Christmas, which was just released by Torquere Press. Set during the Prohibition era, it's the story of two young men, one Italian,  one Greek, who meet in a speakeasy in Romeoville and let nature take its course. To find the rest of this blog hop, go here.


Nick didn't know just how it came about, but he felt his hand nestled inside of Florian's, both hands resting lightly on the table between them. Florian didn't seem to think anything wrong with that; how could Nick snatch his hand back? He couldn't. And he didn't really want to. No one was taking notice of them. It was dark. They were among strangers. All sorts of excuses flowed through his head. 

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