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Wednesday Briefs: Let It All Hang Out

Happy Wednesday everybody! If it's Wednesday, it must be time for a Brief! A bit of flash fiction brought to you by the talented authors of the Wednesday Briefs. Today's prompt was: "When the moon hits your eye, like a..." and the alternate prompts were: have a character that actually flashes or use: crumble, beneficiary, patio or "Pardon me, miss (sir) but I've never done this..." or write about a spring fling

I think you can tell from my title which prompt I went with lol  Enjoy! And don't forget to check out all the flashers whose links appear after my story!

Let It All Hang Out

“Hey, Ricky, you coming?”

Ricky Castle took a deep breath and swallowed a large dose of courage, along with a mouthful of Diet Coke. He picked up the tray containing both his trash and Sal’s, dumping everything in the nearest receptacle.

“Yeah, be right there, Sal.”

With a bright smile and a quick thumbs up, Salvatore Nero pushed through the door that led from the school cafeteria to the quadrangle. It was a popular place for university students, especially on such a beautiful spring day. Love was in the air, along with wafting flower blossoms and allergies. But Ricky’s sinuses were the least of his problems.

The biggest concern he had was his longtime crush on his best friend.

He’d managed to hide it pretty well from about the age of seventeen on. But now they were twenty-one, rooming together in a dorm at the state university, and today he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to be able to hide he feelings. Not with what he knew Sal was about to do. Sal wasn’t going to be hiding anything. Literally.

He’d told Sal from the beginning that the bet was a dumb idea, but Sal had laughed. “I can do anything!” he assured Ricky. And Ricky believed him. At least he believed in the possibility—the reality, not so much. The bet itself had been with their best friend J.J. McManus, and involved eating a humongous hamburger, one the locals had dubbed the “Killer Burger.”

J.J. had won the bet, now Sal was paying the price. Except that it wasn’t just Sal that would pay, Ricky was pretty sure he was about to be exposed for the pathetic, weak, spineless man he really was.

Why didn’t he just tell Sal how he felt, let the chips fall where they may? Be serious. Sal was beautiful, with long dark hair, dark blue eyes, and lips to die for. Ricky was just… Ricky. No one special. No one other boys looked at twice. He didn’t care about that. The only one he wanted to look at him was Sal, and he knew that would never happen. Salvatore Nero was perfect.

He trotted obediently after Sal as he strode confidently across the quadrangle.  Male and female both waved and called out to Sal as he passed by, attempting to engage him in conversation, but he never slowed for a moment, not stopping until he reached the other side. Ricky caught up with him on the little-traveled sidewalk between two academic buildings. Here’s where everything would begin.

Sal was already stripping. He removed his boots, tucked his socks inside, and handed them to Ricky. Next came his shirt, and Ricky found himself staring at Sal’s beautiful chest. Not that he hadn’t seen it before. Sal had exhibitionist tendencies and was often to be found parading half-naked in their dorm. His golden chest was sprinkled with dark hairs, and his nipples were a beautiful dusky hue that make Ricky’s mouth water. He took the shirt, swallowed, and looked away—but not for long. He couldn’t keep from watching as it all went down. Wishing he were going down—on Sal.

Next came his jeans. Sal tugged them off, laughing when he almost fell over. He went commando beneath, and Ricky’s cock grew hard at the sight, his mouth watering for a taste of that beautiful cock. But alas, that would never happen.

And to think he was going to expose all that beauty to the student populace, when Ricky wanted it to be his private sight, and his alone. All because of a stupid bet. Though it could have been worse. He could have been streaking too.

“Hey Ricky, come with me?”


Ricky’s eyes grew big. He shook his head, but Sal’s eyes were pleading, his lips begging, and suddenly Ricky found himself doing an impromptu strip tease, setting all their clothes behind an air conditioning unit, out of the way.

What the fuck was he thinking? Trouble was he wasn’t, his dick was leading this endeavor. He swallowed hard and took a deep breath, and followed Sal out onto the quadrangle.

Just one lap, that was all the bet called for. A lap around the quadrangle at lunch time. In the nude.

Their appearance—or rather Sal’s appearance—was greeted with cheers, and whistles, and shouts of encouragement.

“Yeah!” “Let it all hang out!” “Wow, great bod!’

Ricky wanted to crawl into a hole and die, but he refused to give up, jogging along behind Sal, his eyes riveted on the view of his perfectly toned ass.

And there was J.J., of course. He was standing beside his girlfriend, Chloe. Although she tended to disapprove of his antics, she seemed amused by the sight of Sal and Ricky streaking together. She wore a bemused smile, and as they passed closer to the couple, he thought he heard her yell, “Go for it!” But who was she talking to? He had an idea, but that was just wishful thinking on his part.

Now they were in the home stretch, and Sal lengthened his stride. Ricky watched in fascination the sight of his magnificent dick, bobbing between his legs. At last they ducked back behind the a/c unit and leaned against the building, catching their breath.

Well, that was done, now what?

Ricky glanced at Sal, whose eyes were fastened a bit too far south for his liking. He glanced down at his very hard cock; it seemed to be pointing at Sal. He gulped. The jig, as they say, was up.

Ricky thought he might cry. All his hard work and dissembling gone to hell.


He braced himself for his disgust—what he didn’t expect was the kiss. Long and hard and passionate.

“I have a confession to make,” Sal whispered later, in bed. “I planned the whole thing. I’ve wanted you for a long time now.”

Ricky melted against him, warm in their afterglow, and smiled.

He’d never stop smiling now.

 The end

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA You made my morning. WOW, sexy flashers on a Wednesday morning before work. What could be better.

  2. This is so good! Love the snapshot of *that* moment when two lovers first connect. :)

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  3. Okay, lets try this again and not as a reply this time, lol... I loved that Sal set the whole thing up! Now that's a way to get his friends attention. *grin*

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  4. That was positively sweet. Loved it. Such nice characters.