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Wednesday Briefs: Dallas in Wonderland #19

Happy Hump Day and welcome to another offering of flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! Here are this week's prompts:    "Spring fever or hay fever, I don't know...."  or or the alternative prompts: "Love is in the air" or use: octopus, Vienna sausage, Rice Krispies or "Just a spoonful of  (fill in the blank) makes the medicine go down" or it's laundry day and your character hasn't a thing to wear!  or "Yes, we have no (fill in the blank)". 

In last week's Dallas in Wonderland, as you'll recall, Dallas finally got his wish to have some alone time with Samuel. Let's see what he does with it, in this week's chapter. Enjoy! And don't forget to visit the other Wednesday Briefers, who shall be listed at the end of this blog!

Dallas in Wonderland #19

Samuel’s words only served to cause Dallas’ cock to throb all the more, a pulse that circumnavigated his body with an ache that wouldn’t quit. “Yes,” he murmured against Samuel’s hardness. “Make love to me… now.”

Yet he couldn’t tear himself away from that beautiful cock, continuing to lick along its length, tasting, teasing, adoring. Dallas couldn’t resist taking the end into his mouth, suckling at it; his free hand went to his weeping erection and palmed it in an attempt to keep it quiescent. His efforts had the opposite effect, exciting him even more.

“Normally, I’d offer you the perfect prescription for what ails you.” Samuel’s talented fingers caressed Dallas’ head.

Dallas raised his eyes, meeting Samuel’s topaz gaze with his own, never releasing the tip of his cock.

“With a spoonful of me,” the doctor boldly answered the unspoken question, “to make the medicine go down.”

Dallas thought that was the most delicious suggestion he’d ever heard.

Suddenly Dallas felt strong hands beneath his elbows, lifting him to a standing position—the next moment he’d been taken into Samuel’s strong arms and laid carefully onto the hammock.

“Let me do all the work, Dallas,” he instructed him, removing every article of clothing that Dallas wore before attending to his own. The green kilt joined the pile with all the rest. Gazing at Samuel’s naked body, Dallas thought surely he’d died and gone to heaven.

Dallas thought he’d never seen anyone so beautiful in all his life. Samuel Levi was perfectly formed. Not too muscular, yet not soft in any way. He wasn’t a large man, but he wasn’t small either. His nipples, situated on his lightly haired, strong chest, were a dusky coral that simply invited nipping, while between his legs, his magnificent cock sprang from a nest of tight red curls. The hairs felt crinkly when Dallas touched them, an expression of awe crossing his face.

Samuel’s smile was electric. It sent a surge coursing through his veins such as he’d never experienced before in his life. He held out his arms to him, his eyes pleading, begging to be taken.

The hammock dipped as Samuel’s weight was added to it, covering Dallas’ body with his own. Dallas had a fearful moment when he thought they’d spill, but they seemed to balance it perfectly, to the point where it swayed with a light rocking motion. He could feel Samuel’s desire pressed against his own. When Samuel moved his hips, they rubbed together. Dallas couldn’t help but moan.

Samuel nipped along his lower lip, hard enough to draw a little blood. Dallas saw it on his tongue when he lifted his head, and the sight was intoxicating.

With his thumb, Samuel drew Dallas’ lips apart, and then inserted his tongue between them. As if reading the command in his eyes, Dallas sucked on his tongue, swallowing the coppery blood that lingered there. Samuel pulled back and nipped again, repeating the process several times before he lifted one of his own fingers to his mouth. He tore lightly at the end with his perfectly white teeth, drawing blood. When he put his finger into Dallas’ mouth, he understood immediately and drank of Samuel’s blood.

Dallas arched his back when Samuel turned his attention to the rest of his body, kissing and licking his flesh, laving beneath Dallas’ arm most assiduously. Dallas watched the almost ecstatic expression on the doctor’s face; eyes closed, he seemed to inhale Dallas’ scent.

Dallas felt ready to explode. His channel ached to be filled. He wanted to be filled. He needed to be filled. But only by one man. This man. There was no other man for him. His world now consisted of only Samuel Levi.

He reached between their sweat-slicked bodies, touching their combined hardnesses, drawing comfort from the feel of their cocks.

“Do you want me, Dallas?” Samuel asked. Dallas felt as though the answer was obvious, but he replied, “Oh yes, very much, Samuel.” He arched his back, as if by sheer dint of will, he could draw Samuel inside of him.

Samuel grinned, a smile that turned Dallas’ very insides into goo. He kissed a path down his body, but never touched his cock, deliberately passing over it. And when he had completed the abbreviated Cook’s tour of Dallas’ body, he positioned himself between Dallas’ legs; Dallas’ breathing became even more ragged, if possible, as Samuel lifted his legs onto his shoulders and slid inside of him in one hot, quick motion, nimbly impaling him.


Dallas’ intense scream of pleasure rent the night air. God yes, this was just what he’d wanted from the first time he’d laid eyes on Samuel, there in his basement. Even if he’d had to take a circuitous route to get here.

Samuel’s eyes bore into Dallas’ as he began the dance. He was the conductor, and at his whim, he changed the tempo. From andante to allegro. From a stately waltz to a quick Fox Trot to a seductive tango. Dallas was his orchestra, and he played him skillfully with his baton, as Dallas continued to cry out his arias for Samuel’s ears alone.

Their flesh slapped together wetly as Samuel thrust inside of him, over and over. Just when Dallas thought he’d lose his mind, Samuel’s hand clamped about his openly leaking cock and fisted it.

“Don’t come til I tell you,” he commanded, and although it pained him not to, Dallas didn’t dare release.
Lust surged through his body like tympani, beating a message to both brains, but still Dallas held back as Samuel fucked him like he’d never been fucked before. Finally, just before he thought he’d die, Samuel said, “Now,” and Dallas came, hard and fast. He felt Samuel’s own release a moment later, felt it fill him with warmth.

Samuel collapsed atop him, reversing their positions, murmuring sweet nothings into Dallas’ ear which filled his soul.  It was then that Dallas knew that love was in the air.

to be continued

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  1. At last! Poor Dallas has been waiting for this for a long time. So have I :) Lovely flash. Yay for Dallas. I have to wonder what's going happen next, though.

  2. You and me both, lol! Can you tell I'm a pantser? :)

  3. Finally! Loved it! Cant wait to see what Samuel has in stored for Dallas next.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's been so long since my characters have had sex, I was afraid I'd lost my touch lol

  5. Oh my, I'm just coming in on this, but wow! What a spot to come in on, LOL!