Monday, March 26, 2012

How Sweet It is! The return of Sweet Genius and more!

Be still my beating heart! Sexy Sweet Genius Chef Ron Ben-Israel is back, and not a moment too soon!

As you may recall, I was totally gaga over him in the first season of the series. That hasn't changed, if anything  my feelings have grown stronger! I love this man and his show (as my daughter can testify to my delighted squeals whenever the commercials air!). The second season started a couple weeks ago, bigger and better than ever. Ron is looking quite sexy, as usual. He's changed the format slightly. This season the three rounds are Chocolate, Candy, and Baked, eliminating the frozen round from the competition. There are still mandatory ingredients - two per round - and an inspiration. Some of the inspirations so far have been a very limber gymnast, a gold fish, a graceful ballerina, and bubbles. In the first show, one contestant made a very lovely gold fish! When the ballerina was on, I thought I'd die when Chef Ron not only posed beside her, but formed a tableau with her, encircling her waist! Lucky girl!

I know that some think he is a stern and unyielding taskmaster, but I think there is a playful side to him as well. Why are the good ones either married or gay? Or both? Ah well, I'll have to be content to feed my fantasies through his program, which is excellent. Glad to have you back!

Californication has only one episode to go in its fifth season, but that one promises to be smokin'! ***SPOILERS AHEAD***** I watched last night's episode this morning. Richard (Karen's second hubby) is out of rehab, and he has not only found God, but he's got a sponsor named Gabriel to keep him on the straight and narrow path. Trouble is Hank caught Richard and Gabriel in a compromising position at his going away party (Hank's, not Richard's, though that could change). Charlie was devastated to learn that Lizzie blew Stu to get a part in his picture, although he didn't tell Marci, but it happened again apparently (you know how those accidental blow jobs are). Becca's boyfriend was given Hank's job on Samurai Apocalypse's film, after Stu fired him - and then he caught the scumbag in the bathroom with Sam's girl Callie. Hank's heading back to NY - assuming he lives to do so. One thing you can say about Californication - it's never boring!

Tonight is the two hour season finale of Alcatraz. I'm really glad I started watching this. The premise is interesting, the stories intriguing and Sam Neill is hot as ever. **SPOILERS**  Rebecca and Diego have figured out that Luci is a '63, as they refer to the inmates of Alcatraz who disappeared on March 20, 1963 and are reappearing in the present. We know that Emerson cares about her a great deal, and has been searching for an inmate with a blood match to her in order to bring her out of her coma. That inmate was found last week, now to see what happens.  I sincerely hope Fox brings this show back next season.

What can I say about Justified other than it's great and Timothy Olyphant is hot? (Even though my daughter prefers Boyd Crowder). Winona has disappeared on Raylan - again. I don't know what's wrong with her, but it's compounded by the fact she's pregnant. Gary is dead, executed for his poor choice of business associates. Win Duffy has managed to stay alive by not getting on Quarles' bad side - and Quarles has shown his inner self, and his horrific childhood, sold for having a pretty face by his father. Ava, Boyd's ex sister-in-law-now-gf has shown her mettle and her I won't take shit from anyone attitude, developing into a stronger character than before. Dicky Bennett got released from prison, now there's a growing situation with the money that he thought he had that Limehouse took - a potential powderkeg just waiting to be lit. This show just keeps on getting better, may it run for a damn long time to come.

A new Chopped is starting on April 8th, an All Stars season, with the likes of Michael Symon and Marcus Samuelson. I also saw the one chef I really hated in Next Food Network Star. Yuck. That same night, The Borgias returns - yay!

Awake is going strong, I hope they can keep it up, balancing between each of his waking lives. The writing level is good, the acting wonderful, and Jason Isaacs is incredibly sexy.

I think Once Upon a Time and Grimm are near their season ends too. Both great shows, well worth the watch. I still need to watch the Wonderland episode of Once Upon a Time which aired Sunday. Other than that, it's Chopped and Restaurant Impossible as usual, and just started watching Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey on BBC America. Caught a few minutes of  an undercover restaurant show last night, can't remember the name. It reminded me of a single episode show we caught before that wasn't very good. This was only slightly better, but not very interesting.

I'd like to see more Geoffrey Zakarian on Iron Chef America. Just saying lol

That's all for now, back to editing!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

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