Monday, March 12, 2012

Coming attractions for the End of the World - the Apocky-lpse!

What are you doing the weekend of March 16th?

I'll be dancing the Time Warp  with a few friends.

And watching a would-be villain try to get into a league with other villains.

And listening to a hot graverobber sing about Zytrate, while a Repo Man repossesses organs from people who've gotten behind on their bills.

Where, you ask, is all this taking place?

Here, at KawaKon. Only the place to be this weekend.

I have to tell you, what I just said? Only the tip of the iceberg!

There'll be music from the Aeronauts, a guest voice actor, Whose Line is it, a masquerade, and panels galore!

Be there or miss all the fun!

For more information, go here. It's only fair you should know what you might be missing!

See you there! You'll know me - I'll be the one at the Registration Desk!

♥ Julie

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