Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Demon Volume 4 Review

Winter Demon, Volume 4 
Author:  Yamila Abraham
Distributor:  Yaoi Press
American release date:  2008
Format/Genre:  Manga/Yaoi
Publisher/Industry Age Rating:  Mature
Overall Personal Rating:  ★★★★
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Ever since Lord Ryuuto took mortal form to help Doctor Takuma heal the soliders, they have been growing closer, even though the timid Doctor will go no further than kisses with the demon.  He is so afraid of what will happen, that he tries to keep his last patient as long as he can, but Ryuuto dismisses him, so now they are alone, other than for Takuma's ill sister.  Their solitude is broken by the approach of a demon- it's Fuyu, bearing Hakuin in his arms, begging the doctor to please heal him.  And as Takuma does so, two couples are left to take the measure of one another, to observe - to watch and to learn, one couple from the other.


Takuma observes the tender relationship between Fuyu and Hakuin and wonders can he and Ryuuto have the same thing?  Fuyu, aware now of the purification of himself that has been practiced by Hakuin without his knowledge, wants to ascertain that even without it, he would love and cherish the monk.  Both demons have fears of losing themselves somehow by being less demonic, and both fear hurting the ones they care about.

Ryuuoto and Fuyu have a demon to demon talk, and Ryuuoto decides to try the purification thing.  But somehow it doesn't go quite as planned.  And Fuyu has Hakuin cease with his purification treatments- with its own backlash.  To further muddy the waters, Priest Shidan informs Fuyu that he really needs to service Figaru - he has this once a month need to be sexed up thing going on.  But Fuyu, who is happy in Hakuin's love, doesn't want to mess with that.  Although, now that he's not purified, things aren't running quite as smoothly as before.

Will Figaru be the monkey wrench that bolluxes everything up, or the savior that is just what everybody needs?


And now we complete our journey in this fourth volume of Winter Demon.  There is a great deal going on here, much to think about, lessons in love that everyone can take to heart and consider.  If there is an underlying theme here, I think it is that of partnership - one person cannot do and be everything for another, but together, the sum is greater than the individual parts.  Fuyu, when he loses Hakuin's purification, is not himself, but when he has it, the two of them have it all.  It has to be the purity of their love that makes it so, not just the spell itself.  And after all, is that such a bad thing?  Takuma and Ryuuto too must face their own personal demons, and learn from them - Takuma learns trust, and Ryuuto learns temperance, and taking it slow and easy.  Together, I think they can make it.  If Ryuuto can explain the Figaru thing, that is.

The last volume of the series is a very satisfactory one, leaving you to bid a fond farewell to these two couples, with great hopes for their future together.  If you've read this far, for heaven's sake, don't stop now.  This is a gotta read volume.  If you're just starting, go back to the beginning, or you'll miss out on a great journey.  I still am not totally enamored of the artwork, but I've gotten used to it, and although it doesn't showcase the writing as well as I'd wish, it's adequate for what it's meant to do.  For after all, the story's the thing.  And the story is well told.  So simply enjoy.

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