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Silver Flash: Lust Never Sleeps #15: How Long Has This Been Going On?

Twas' the night before Thanksgiving, and all through the house... well, close enough. It's Thanksgiving Eve day, and also Hump Day, which means it's time for another Silver Flash! This week Guest Prompt Diva Brenna Lyons makes her second appearance on our stage with this gem:  “Did you ever notice that the things people hate about you are the same things you hate about them?”

I offer these alternate prompts: Use these three words: White Castle, cyanide, evolution  or "A thing of beauty is a joy forever" or have a character use a foreign accent, one that isn't his own and finally, our special Thanksgiving prompts: turkey, stuff, wing and pilgrim or immigrants, Led Zeppelin and thanks

Don't forget to visit all the Silver Flashers whose links you'll find at the end of this post. This week I offer you another chapter of my series Lust Never Sleeps. Enjoy!

Lust Never Sleeps 15: How Long Has This Been Going On?

The music wasn’t the only thing that was heading in a southerly direction. So was Sawyer’s hand. It caressed Darryl’s ass, his arm thrown possessively about Darryl’s chest, his breath warm in Darryl’s ear.

Darryl had to remind himself to breathe.

He was drawn back to reality by Amandine’s sarcastic voice. “Seriously, Sawyer, is that necessary? Are you so worried about someone stealing your precious that you have to put on a show everywhere you go?”

Sawyer never faltered in his attentions murmuring loud enough for everyone to hear, “Did you ever notice that the things people hate about you are the same things you hate about them?”

Darryl wasn’t sure what the other man meant. He turned toward Sawyer, his eyebrows raised, a question on the tip of his tongue, but the words were stillborn as he caught sight of his lover’s unaccustomed pallor. He felt a slight tremor running through his body.

Acting quickly, he drew Sawyer to the nearest couch, opposite one in which sat Amandine and Brushton. He seated him on one of the plush red cushions. Immediately, Sawyer pulled Darryl into his lap, and circled his waist tightly.

“Don’t worry, dear, he’ll get over it once he gets his sea legs.” Amandine’s tone was less than sympathetic, although her eyes seemed to soften as she glanced toward her ex.

“Paging Doctor Freud! Paging Doctor Freud!” Brushton declared in what had to be the worst Viennese accent Darryl had ever heard. “Nurse, get a couch ready for Sawyer Thomas. Stat!”

Amandine snorted. Sawyer lifted one hand from Darryl’s body long enough to give her a one-fingered salute, before clutching him just as tightly as before.

The organ music abruptly stopped, as Elias swiveled about on the piano stool. Darryl watched with fascination the way the Fu Manchu seemed to hang suspended on the air, as it wafted toward its owner, settling into his lap in a contented ball. Almost as if it possessed a life of its own.

“You’re so crude, darling,” Amandine smirked. “You can’t keep your secret phobias hidden from Darryl forever. Certainly not here. They’re too obvious, don’t you think?”

“Never mind me,” Sawyer said, his voice betraying none of the agitation which his body had evidenced. “We’re here for the greater good. Everything else is extraneous.”

If they’d been alone, Darryl would have questioned Sawyer until he discovered what the problem was. Or problems. But he didn’t wish to give Amandine the satisfaction, or cause Sawyer the discomfort of asking him in front of them. He’d no idea how long they were going to have to be here. Perhaps there’d be a better, more private, moment to deal with the questions which were racing through his mind.

“Second wave might take a while.” Brushton thoughtfully plucked at one of his udders, until Amandine smacked his hand away.

“Will you take that thing off? You look udderly ridiculous.”

Brushton started to argue with his sister, a huge grin breaking over his face as he cackled in delight, pointing at his sister with a waggling digit. “I get it! I get it! Very clever, Mandy. Very clever play on words indeed.”

“Don’t call me that!” she hissed, her cheeks suffusing crimson.

Darryl felt that a change of subject was definitely in order. He cast about in his mind for something completely different.

“Would somebody mind explaining what’s going on?” he asked. He’d been wondering that for some time now. He suspected that the answer, much like Sawyer, was multi-layered, and not a five minute tale. “I mean, I feel like I’ve walked into the middle of a film, and I’ve got no clue as to what the plot is.”

He heard a heavy sigh, felt Sawyer lean his head against his back. “It’s… complicated, love.”

Big surprise there.

“I’d settle right now for knowing who’s attacking us and why. I mean, what were those things? They were… terrifyingly disgusting.”

“That they are.” Brushton shuddered.

“They’re the inventions of the Polar Extreme,” Elias offered.

Darry furrowed his brow. “Don’t believe I know that name. New political group?”

“Not exactly. More like a scientific community gone mad.”  Sawyer lifted his head, kissing Darryl’s neck. “Don’t worry. They do this on a regular basis.”

“They do?” Darryl turned his head, casting horrified eyes on Sawyer. Careful not to dislodge those very talented lips.

“Don’t worry, love. We’ll spend very little time here, I assure you. Once I retrieve what belongs to me.”

Darryl found Sawyer’s use of the word we very comforting. It sounded like a declaration that he meant for them to stay together. He didn’t know how he knew, but he knew that he didn’t want to be just a one night stand to this man. He wanted to try to make it to forever. However long that might be. Given the current situation, it might not be as long as he hoped for.

“You’ll spend a lot more here than you’d like if Salisbury and Schrodinger catch you going after their diamonds.”

My diamonds,” Sawyer snarkily corrected his ex wife. “And they won’t.”

“Do Salisbury and Schrodinger work for the Polar Extreme?” Darryl tried to circumvent the potential explosion he saw in the making.

“Not exactly.” Sawyer waved a vague hand in the air. “S and S are part of the Guild. But they basically do as they wish. The Guild fathers leave them be as long as they behave themselves. More or less.”

“That’s because the Guild fathers are afraid of those two.” Amandine indelicately snorted.  “Like most of Lust.”

“I’m not afraid of them!” Brushton declared, puffing out his chest. In the cow suit, though, he only managed to look ridiculous.

“What about those things that attacked us?” Darryl tried to steer the conversation back on course.

“Well, you see…” Sawyer began, taking the hand with the red heart, and kissing it reverently. “It all began back in the day…”

His words were cut short as they were suddenly plunged into blackness.

 to be continued

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