Monday, October 24, 2011

On the endurance of the human spirit and more

I think that on the whole I'm an upbeat positive person, although some argue with that statement. I believe in the quality of life, in my children, and my friends, and I believe in myself as a person, and especially as a writer. It was I was meant to do - it's who I am. But life happens to all of us, and sometimes we reach lows, and have occasional bad days. I guess sometimes you just need to bottom out before you can soar again. But watching QAF today made me realize the true strength of the human spirit, and that if you want something badly enough, you can make it happen, if you work at it.

Sometimes it seems as though my career is stalled, but I think that's just me panicking, because of being unemployed for over a year, and not a job prospect in sight. Everything in its time, everything in its time.

***** spoilers ahead****

So today I finished watching the fourth season of QAF, only the bonus material left to view. The boys are in Canada, participating in the Liberty Bike Ride, a charity event to help the hospice, which is in serious trouble after the dickweek corporate sponsor backed out. Brian manages to get a $100k pledge from one of his clients - after he says he's participating. Everyone tells him he can't, because of his cancer, but being Brian, he doesn't listen. Although he tells Justin he's not going so that Justin will take the offer to go to Hollywood to discuss and pitch Rage.

Memorable things happen in Canada - just before they leave, Carl proposes to Debbie and she accepts; Mike and Ben get married, and as a surprise, Brian springs for a wedding cake with two grooms and a klezmer band; Ted and Emmett get lost and half their own twelve step meeting to celebrate Teddy's six month birthday clean and sober; and Brian falls while showing off for a hunk and breaks his collarbone. But he insists on finishing the race, despite that. Despite the fact that he's riding one handed, and in great pain. And Michael refuses to leave him, letting Ben and Hunter go ahead. Their journey and their crossing of the finish line made me cry. This is what it's about - setting out to do what you have to or want to do, and not letting anything hold you back. You're as strong as you want to be, and Brian showed me that. He might seem to people to be the most egocentric, selfish, narcissist on the planet, and sometimes he is, but it's also like what Debbie said about him - his biggest organ is his heart. By the time Michael got back, he was also a father. Wonderful episode, the ultimate capper of which was the renaming of the hospice to the Vic Grassi House. I bawled at that.

Sarah and I are into the third season of Dexter at last, and I'm really enjoying the relationship between Dexter and Miguel Prado (Jimmy Smits). No, it's not like that. They have found kindred spirits in one another, and what begins as Miguel's accidental discovery of Dexter's killing of Freebo has become a meeting of like minds. Miguel accompanies Dexter, and even does the deed himself. However, Dexter worries that perhaps he isn't following the Code. He's only partially explained it, and not where he got it - from his foster father - but perhaps that time is coming. He and Rita (well, mostly Rita) are making plans for the upcoming wedding, and Rita has a new job working for Silvia Prado, who thinks her husband's having an affair. Is he? I'm not sure. Deb is dealing with a new partner who's something of a dick, and having an affair with a CI who isn't even really a CI, and who just might have gotten himself into the hands of the serial killer nicknamed the Skinner. Good season so far.

The Walking Dead began its second season on the 16th, but we just watched the first episode last night, so we're a week behind. So far so good, not much happening other than being beset by a group of zombies while stalled on a blocked interstate (still haven't figured out how they popped up so quickly, as slowly as they move and as disorganized as they are), and a little girl is missing. Also, Rick's wife and his partner are at loggerheads - Rick's unexpected survival after he'd told his wife her husband was dead put a bit of a crimp in their affair. Rick still doesn't know, but I expect that's just a matter of time. This show has a lot of gore, so if you're not into seeing zombie guts, and watching people be dismembered, you might want to pass this one by. I did notice a preview for what looks to be an interesting new show on AMC - Hell on Wheels, starting November 6th. It's a western, and one of the guys I saw looks really hot. I think I'll check it out. I recorded Once Upon a Time Last Night, but haven't watched it yet. I'll let you know.

This week is the finale of Just Desserts, then Top Chef Texas will begin. While I like Just Desserts fine, I'll be glad to see the return of Top Chef. I'm enjoying Sweet Genius immensely, though, even if Sarah keeps tweeting about my obsession with hot men with foreign accents. I'm especially warm for Chef Ron Ben Israel, the host of the show. What I wouldn't give to be a gay man! What can I say? He's utterly adorable!

Tonight is a new Hawaii 5-0. From the previews, I see that Wo Fat (aka Chairman Kaga's nephew) is involved, so I'll wait to talk about that after I see the new one. Need to get back to editing and writing, doing the things that I love.

Also, one more thing - I'm now in charge of the Silver Flash. Ryssa has passed the torch on to me. I'm very honored to carry it and hope that I shall make her proud. Even if there are probably people who read that and said to themselves Oh fuck. So, it'll be business as usual every Wednesday. Stay tuned to this station for all the details!  lol

Love you all! Thanks for stopping by!  Til next time, take care!

♥ Julie

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