Monday, March 14, 2011

Guest Blogging With Amarinda Jones

Good morning! I'm back from KawaKon and ready to begin blogging anew! Today I am fortunate to have author Amarinda Jones with me, she's going to talk about novel covers - when do they go too far?    Feel free to comment and share your thoughts on the subject! Then go to her blog, that's where you will find me, and I'm talking about honesty - is it always the best policy? See for yourself!

But they’re nekkid!

Just recently, You Tube sent me an email telling me I was a bad girl for putting this cover up as part of a book trailer. The problem with it?  Well, she’s just about to remove her clothes and do stuff and You Tube wasn’t happy with it. They felt it breached their guidelines. While I respect their opinion, I also suggested they may want to check out some of the naked people already on their site.

So when does a cover go too far? To me?  I’m open-minded and I believe readers have the expectation that an erotic romance is going to be pretty full on and have a cover that reflects that.  I always ask for naked, hot, naked, hot in a cover. I know what my story is about and I want to reflect that and make sure readers are under no illusions that the book will be very graphic. 

Sex has and always will be controversial from who you do it with, how many, how, where and when. Sex from the moment two strangers meet? Wait until they kiss? Or have dinner? That’s up to the individual author. I personally believe erotic romance is an extreme allowing a writer to paint a wild, off the wall-OMG-is-she shagging-him-in-the-elevator-against-the-wall-in-the-park-for-everyone-to-see moment for the reader.  Again a cover and a blurb have to reflect that. We want to shock and titillate you with wild scenes. We want you to get bang – pardon the pun – for your buck. 

Sex – it’s out there. Enjoy what you like and don’t condemn the extreme or the controversial until you at least try it.

Wanna’ see what’s so controversial about Strip For Me? You can check it out here -

Strip for Me – the blurb…

Rett Cameron is stranded in Resort City without a cent to her name. She wants to go home to Australia but how does she do that without money? When one of the locals offers to pay her for sexual services she’s stunned. Sex with strangers? For money? Or is there more involved?

Hamish Clark the local strip club owner has a suggestion for Rett. Strip for me and I’ll pay you. The minute he saw Rett he wanted her. He soon discovers she has other needs than just money. But Hamish has a problem. Not all women like him. One wants him dead. 

Yep…sounds like they’re gonna’ get nekkid…

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
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