Sunday, March 6, 2011

Detroit Metal City, Volume 8 Review

The band thinks that the Boss has been a little tense lately (how can they tell?) and they decide to do something nice for her, to help her to relax. So now DMC and the Boss are on a road trip to Izu, to a bed and breakfast with a hot spring. Um, does anyone see potential for disaster here?

 On the drive to Izu, the Boss has the Pig driving, and she demands that he do so blindfolded! They’re lucky not to be killed.  The band has a surprise planned – DMC themselves, instruments and all. It was a lot of work to pull it off, but it’s going to be worth it. They’re going to play a special performance for her, and give her the gifts they’ve brought. But it seems that the first gift, from Wada, is turning her mood sour again, while Camus’ gift is simply obscene. Can Negishi save the day, or will he make things worse?

Inspired by an article in the magazine that Aizawa writes for, Soichi has gone green! He’s gung ho about the environment, and hopes by his music that he can change even one person’s habits. But no one is taking him seriously, so he carries it further, and diminishes his water usage to the point where he’s not showering, using minimal water in the toilet, and barely drinking any water, if at all, plus he’s unplugged his refrigerator. The total effect is an unpleasant one, especially when he shows up to sing in a concert that Aizawa has arranged for him to participate in.

Whiling busking, Soichi is approached by a man who likes what he sees and hears and wants to talk to Soichi about singing enka (the Japanese equivalent of old-fashioned country western music). Although Soichi is less than enthusiastic, he decides what the heck, what’s another type of music he doesn’t like any more than he does DMC’s metal. His haircut doesn’t help, although he is trying to grow it out (see volume 7), but it seems to be a look which his new mentor favors. Is enka the path for Soichi, or is it another detour on his desired road to play his own music?

A huge fan of DMC sends the band tickets to see a wrestling match, which excites the Boss, so they and the Boss go, with unexpected results, including Krauser being set up with a tag team match the following week! Then Soichi and Aizawa end up having a reunion with some old college classmates, one of whom hits on Aizawa, to Soichi’s jealous dismay!  When Aizawa drinks too much, Soichi says he’ll take care of her, but they end up at a love hotel. What will Soichi do now? Is this his cue to act, take the upper hand and show Aizawa how he feels about her?

Wada goes on a solo tour for DMC, in an attempt to get the fans to like him more. On his return to Tokyo, he gives a performance with two other people in place of the members of DMC, which confuses and horrifies the audience, especially when they appear to be no more than a cover band. Krauser kills himself in front of his faithful audience so that Soichi can take a much needed vacation, going home to see his family. Krauser’s fans are devastated, convinced that Lord Krauser is dead. But the Pig hasn’t given up, and insists on standing outside the concert hall, which is irritating the other bands and the promoters no end. But he won’t be budged, despite their best efforts because of his loyalty to Krauser.

Soichi is forced to read DMC fan mail, which he hates doing because frankly most of it is weird, or obscene, or both. But he runs across a fan letter which moves him, about a boy who found love because of DMC. And Soichi is determined to help him in any way he can—despite the way that the Boss beats the crap out of him for everything that he does! Will true love prevail despite Soichi’s injuries? When the band is stuck in Hiroshima, with no way to get back in time for their concert, the Boss is in a pickle, so she has no choice. She brings in her Krauser replacement, Rosado, and then he brings in two more guys, who are as far from DMC as you can imagine, which confuses the fans. After the concert, the guys decide that they don’t want to be DMC’s shadows any more—they want to be DMC!

A bonus episode takes place after Krauser’s Toyama insignia gag, and involves the Boss and pain, as usual!

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