Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dengeki Daisy, Volume 4 Review

Teru knows the truth about Daisy, but she can’t let him know she knows! Are things going to change between her and Kurosaki? Will she be able to keep him from learning that she knows the truth, that he is Daisy?


Trying to be yourself without seeming like you’re trying is harder than it sounds. Teru becomes afraid to text Daisy because she thinks she will sound different, but not texting him is also bad. She has to find a happy medium and she does, by separating Daisy and Kurosaki in her head, pushing Daisy into the role of a substitute brother, thus making it easier to text him and keep everything straight in her mind.

Needing to talk to someone, Teru confides in Haruka, an acquaintance of hers, about the Daisy/Kurosaki situation, thus drawing them into a closer friendship. It helps to have someone to confide in, to get another person’s perspective on things, to brainstorm and problem solve with.  Teru is afraid that if she lets Kurosaki know she knows that he is Daisy, that she will lose him, and she can’t bear that thought. It seems that Student Council President Rena has been eavesdropping on their conversation, so now she knows the janitor’s secret too!

A clogged drain pipe which has backed up becomes a problem when it prevents students from accessing the roof, because the area is forbidden until the janitor (Kurosaki) can deal with it. One student braves the guardian of the roadblock, in order to offer her assistance to Kurosaki—it’s Teru, of course. She brings an umbrella, ‘cause it’s pouring rain, and she tries to help him, using her smaller hands to dredge trash from the gutter, disgusting though that is. She is concerned for him, and figures the fastest way to get done is to help him. He spurns her help and sends her away, from his own concern for her, but ends up falling ill and going to the infirmary, under the care of the ditzy Ms. Mori, who is on him like white on rice! Teru is invited to a mixer, and she doesn’t want to go, but her friends tell her to ask Kurosaki, so he’ll reveal himself and his true feelings in his response. To her dismay, he tells her to go, have a good time. She has her misgivings and goes, unaware that he is actually sick, in bed.

While preparing for a test, Teru practices a technique for focusing which her late brother taught her, and is caught by Kurosaki, which opens a floodgate of memories about Soichiru. She also talks about her brother to Riko, who at one time dated him, telling her the story about the imaginary dog her brother created in order to cheer her up, one he named Gabe. Arf!  Teru talks about her brother with Daisy, and asks about the origin of the flowery pseudonym, assuming he will affirm her hypothesis that it has to do with being her favorite flower. Strangely, he does not reply to her question immediately. And when he does, his words surprise her.

Interfering on Teru’s behalf with a belligerent student, earns Kurosaki three months’ suspension of pay and five days confinement to his house. In the meantime, weird things are happening at the school. Kyoshi says he saw a strange bearded guy in the closet! And people are receiving text messages purporting to be from Daisy, threatening them with losing data or worse if they don’t buy the anti-virus from him. Teru knows this can’t be true, but who can be behind this, and why? And, as usual, she is too quick to venture into situations that are potentially dangerous. Will she endanger Kurosaki too?

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