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Wednesday Briefs: Super Trooper #3 (1.3)

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Evan can't stop thinking about the handsome man he pulled over in the morning. As a Texas State Trooper, he can't afford to be so distracted. What can he do to ease the tension? See what's going on in this week's chapter of Super Trooper! Don't forget to visit the other Briefers and see what's up with them. Their links follow my tale!Enjoy!

Super Trooper #3 (1.3)

The rest of Evan’s workday had passed in a sort of strange haze. He was lucky it was a light day, as far as his duties went, mostly traffic citations and warnings. A lot of people didn’t realize that the Texas State troopers did more than patrol the highways, lying in wait for speeders.  They often served as law enforcement for small rural areas who didn’t have their own sheriffs, and also helped out with some of the smaller towns as well. Courtesy, Service, Protection was the motto of the Department of Public Safety, of which the troopers were a part, and Evan took those words very seriously.

But today had been different. Today his second brain had been too fully engaged for his liking, and he couldn’t get the handsome man he’d pulled over early in the morning out of his mind. Not as though he hadn’t encountered good looking men before—he most certainly had. Some of them had even come on to him, with knowing looks and subtle innuendos, or blatant promises that they could make the trooper feel better… if he just wouldn’t write up that pesky ticket. It wasn’t just men, women came onto him too. Their invitations were more easily rejected as he had no interest in the opposite sex and never had. Not that he ever told them that, as his sexual orientation wasn’t germane to the matter at hand. The thing was he never found himself tempted by any of the blandishments of the men, either… until now. He couldn’t get this one man out of his mind, and that one man hadn’t even been flirting with him, much less making suggestions of a sexual nature. He’d done nothing but obey Evan’s barked commands, complied with every request without hesitation or a word of protest.

So why was Evan so fucking turned on he couldn’t stand it?

After work, he’d retreated to his condo, which was located in one of the nicer sections of Tucker Falls, and took a cold shower with the intention of dampening his libido. That didn’t work, so he was forced to take matters in hand, so to speak, before heading out to Partners. Sure, he was going with the intention of hooking up, but it wouldn’t do to look too eager. At least that’s what he told himself as he pleasured himself in the privacy of his bedroom, Chandrahas’ image firmly fixed in his mind, his name rolling sensuously from his lips.

After he finished, he showered again, made sure everything was carefully groomed and presentable, down to his barely visible five o’clock shadow—one of the perks of being so fair—and then dressed for an evening out. Evan wasn’t partial to wearing denim, even when he wasn’t on duty, but didn’t mind khakis or other types of casual pants. He drew the line at short-sleeved shirts and wouldn’t be caught dead in a T-shirt, preferring long-sleeve button-ups, no matter what the weather. He had a tolerance for heat, even the humid-as-hell Texas kind, and often wore a jacket and tie to complete his ensemble. A former boyfriend had once told Evan that he was too uptight and just as buttoned-up as his shirts. Evan hadn’t been able to disagree with that assessment. Even so, the relationship had soured quickly thereafter.

A final glance in the mirror, a splash of Old Spice, and Evan was ready to rock and roll.

Partners, here I come.

Now in rural Texas, being gay and having a social life was a challenge. Evan was fortunate to have found the only gay night spot in Tucker Falls, one which served the needs of the gay community for miles around and had earned the grudging respect of the town.  There was less trouble at Partners compared to other bars that Evan could name and was familiar with in his capacity as state trooper.  He’d been coming there for awhile and had been with a few men he’d met there. Nothing permanent, but nothing sordid, either. In fact, although he knew about the back rooms of the establishment, he never chose to avail himself of them.

He’d become friends recently with another lawman by the name of Roy Landry, introduced to him by the sheriff of Tucker Falls, with whom Evan sometimes worked. Roy was the sheriff of a small town called Burnham, which was maybe an hour or so away from Tucker Falls. Roy was older than Evan, who was going on thirty-two, but the men had a lot in common and hit it off fabulously. Roy had recently come out as gay and had a much younger boyfriend named Dustin. Evan would sometimes hang out with them, shooting the breeze while he checked out the room.

Evan hoped they were there. He seriously needed the distraction from the subject which had pre-occupied him most of the day.  Of course he could have easily found out by giving Roy a quick call, but tonight he decided to leave it to chance. Let the chips fall where they may.

The parking lot seemed fairly full when he arrived. Surely that was a good sign. He parked his state issued vehicle where he could easily get to it in case of emergency. He knew nobody would fuck with it there.  He could hear the music from the parking lot, along with the murmur of good times. Growing more confident by the moment, he pulled open the door and entered Partners.

to be continued

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