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Wednesday Briefs: Moving Forward #26 (6.3)

Good morning and Happy Wednesday! If it's Wednesday, then it must be time for some flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! We're a group of authors who bring you our finest flash fiction every week, 500 to 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts.

In this week's Moving Forward, Marshall and Lee have more fun in the hot tub.Must be nice to take a cruise and have a hot tub, right? See what they're up to, and then check out the other Wednesday Briefers. Their links follow my tale. Enjoy!

Moving Forward #26 (6.3)

“Then I’ll order some when we get home,” Lee said. “We can look online, maybe see what else we’d like to try.”

Marshall thought that was a great idea. “Too bad they don’t sell stuff like that on the ship.”

“They’d have to have an adult shop to do it in, but yeah, that would probably be a moneymaker.”  Lee slowly trailed his hand down Marshall’s stomach. “Not sure I’d want to explain those to Homeland Security, though, or any of our other toys, if we ever decided to fly.” Cupping his hand, he filled it with water and released it to flow over Marshall’s chest and abs.

“Basting me?” Marshall half-joked.

“I think you’re already tender,” Lee teased. “Except where it counts.” His hand dipped below the surface, encompassing Marshall’s length. Marshall began to harden at his touch.

Two could play this game. Marshall ground back against Lee, feeling Lee’s own hardness, so ready and so willing. “Think we can fuck sitting down?”

“Don’t see why not. Raise up a little and move back, I’ll guide you.”

Marshall lifted himself up and maneuvered backward just a little. Lee’s hand was beneath him, moving him into position. He felt Lee’s cock nudge against his opening. “Go ahead and sit,” Lee said, and Marshall eased himself onto his length. Damn, that felt good.

“Ride me, boy,” Lee encouraged him. “You’re in charge, you set the pace.”

Marshall turned his head far enough to look into Lee’s gorgeous eyes. He moved one wet hand to the back of Lee’s head and pulled it roughly down to his, locking their lips tightly together. Lee’s lips were warm against his, pliable and sensual. Marshall thought he could kiss him forever. They’d spent a lot of time kissing before they’d ever done anything else, and even though they’d graduated to more adult games, this one never grew old.

When he was ready, and never releasing Lee’s mouth, Marshall began to slide up and down on Lee’s cock, virtually fucking himself. Not too fast, not too slow, an unhurried, leisurely pace that was setting his nerve endings on fire.  When he’d reach the end, at the point where he was almost completely separated from Lee, he’d begin the downward slide and start all over again.

Lee stroked Marshall’s cock at the same leisurely pace, their movements synced to one another. He broke off their kiss, long enough to say, “Why don’t you turn to face me, I think we can hit your spot if we do.”

Marshall caught his breath as they took a moment to rearrange themselves. He rotated slowly in the warm water which swirled around them, positioned his legs on either side of Lee’s and then let Lee guide him down onto his cock once more. Now they were in a better position to kiss, as well.
Once he was firmly entrenched on Lee’s cock, Marshall tightened his muscles. He heard Lee’s answering intake of breath, and did it again.

“Goddamn you’re tight,” Lee said in a voice that was almost a moan.

“Not too tight?”

“Never too tight. We fit just right.” This time he melded their lips together, and Marshall certainly wasn’t going to protest. Not even when Lee’s tongue pressed against his lips, demanding admission—Marshall gave it gladly.

Lee’s hands caressed Marshall’s ass, kneading and squeezing his wet flesh. Then he moved one hand in between them, stroking Marshall’s cock.

Marshall began to rise and fall on Lee’s erection once more. Lee helped guide him on the downward stroke, and when he hit Marshall’s hot spot, Marshall arched his back in pure pleasure. With a little practice, he began to hit the same spot on almost every attempt. At this rate, he wasn’t sure how long he would last. He was already weeping precum, which mingled with the water of the hot tub as it splashed between them.

Their tongues tangled together in a sensuous dance. The heat of the water they sat in only served to enhance their experience, giving it a more primitive, primordial edge. Marshall clutched Lee’s hair tightly as he increased his pace, riding him harder, driving himself closer to the brink. Lee tightened his grip on Marshall’s cock, pumping harder. Marshall felt his entire body tingle in expectation. His balls pulled tight. Harder now, faster… Every time he found his prostate, he moved that much closer to release.

He felt Lee’s orgasm at the same moment his began, and they rode the wave together, holding one another, mouths fused as long as possible. When Marshall had no more to give, his body shuddered and he was forced to take a breath. He felt Lee’s cock spasming inside him. He tightened his muscles and milked him for all he could. Finally, all movement ceased, and they both breathed heavily.

And the water was still warm… This was much better than the bathtub. By the time they finished having sex there, the water was usually stone cold. But this… a guy could sure get used to something like this.

“Maybe we should think about getting one of these for ourselves.” Lee had read his mind, as usual. Marshall couldn’t help but smile.

“I like the way you think,” Marshall said. “I reckon we got plenty of room out back.”

“I reckon we do,” Lee drawled. He wrapped his arms around Marshall and drew him against him. 

Marshall relaxed into Lee’s damp body. What a perfect start to their first vacation. And it was still their first day.

“You know something, Lee?”

“What’s that?”

“I bet it would be fun to watch the sun rise from here.” He glanced up at Lee, raised his hand and stroked Lee’s cheek.

“I think we should definitely give it a try. Maybe with a drink to greet the day?”

Marshall’s grin grew even wider. “That sounds perfect. Did I tell you lately how much I love this trip?”

“Yeah, but you can tell me again.”

Marshall laughed and kissed him.

to be continued

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