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Wednesday Briefs: Don't Look Back #60 (11.5)

Good morning and Happy Hump Day! Welcome to more flash fiction with the Wednesday Briefers. Every week we offer you our finest flash fiction, between 500 and 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts.

Every journey has a beginning... and an end. Today we come to the end of a journey that began over a year ago, when I first started writing Don't Look Back. I've had an incredible time getting to know Marshall and Lee, and I hope you've enjoyed getting to know them too. Today is the last chapter in this story. But don't despair. I've decided to start another story with them in it! I'm going to start a new flash next week, and Marshall and Lee will be my second offering, so you will get two stories from me every week. I am going to take Don't Look Back, make a cover, and offer it as a free read in its entirety. I'll keep you posted on that. I've decided to name the series Love Without Boundaries. I'd love to hear from anyone who's enjoyed reading about my guys, and hearing your comments. Don't forget to go visit the other Briefers and see what they've been up to. Their links follow my tale! Enjoy!

Don't Look Back #60 (11.5)

Lee continued to suck on Marshall’s balls until he thought he couldn’t take any more, but before he lost control, Lee released them and moved back up to lap at his hole. Shivers crisscrossed Marshall’s frame as Lee slid one finger inside. Marshall’s channel was aflame with desire. The more Lee touched him, the more he wanted. Nothing was enough. He had an itch that only Lee’s cock could scratch sufficiently to satisfy his need.

He pushed back against Lee, grinding against Lee’s face. Lee added a second finger and leaned back, spiraling his digits inside Marshall. When he brushed against his prostate, Marshall yelped. “God fucking damn,” he moaned.

Lee rose to his knees and leaned his body over him, his breath warm on Marshall’s neck as he added another finger and thrust in and out of Marshall’s heated hole. He wound his arm about Marshall, sliding his hand beneath, tweaking his nipples until they hardened.

“Oh damn, oh damn…” Marshall writhed beneath Lee, feeling as if he might burst at any moment.

“Tell me what you want.” Lee licked along the shell of Marshall’s ear.  “Want another finger… or something else?” He pressed a kiss into the corner of Marshall’s mouth.

The idea of taking another finger was tempting, but it wasn’t what he wanted. “Want you, just you. Inside me.” He turned his head so their lips met with a heated urgency.

When they drew apart, Lee pulled his fingers out. He shifted his weight, reaching toward the nightstand. Marshall knew what was coming and shivered in anticipation. Lee settled atop him again, his lips claiming Marshall’s neck as he slid inside of him, their bodies clamped tightly together.

Oh yes, this was just what he wanted. Marshall met Lee’s thrusts with his own, wanting him inside as deeply as he could get. Lee’s cock fit him perfectly, setting his very nerve endings on fire. It didn’t matter how often they made love, the feeling never dimmed.

Their bodies fused in perfect harmony, long languid strokes building into hot, quick thrusts, following the progression of their desire. Marshall’s cock rubbed against the sheets beneath him. He reached for it, to relieve the ache, and Lee’s hand covered his, which only served to increase the friction. Their mouths met even as Marshall felt himself explode into Lee’s hand, soaking the sheets while he cried out inside Lee’s mouth. Lee never eased the intensity of his thrusts until he too came, filling Marshall until he was spent.

They cleaned up and changed the sheets, then spooned together in their bed. Lee softly caressed Marshall’s chest as he nuzzled his hair.

Marshall drifted bonelessly, basking in the glow of Lee’s love. He was half asleep, but his mind refused to shut down long enough to finish the job. There was something he needed to know. “You gonna make me wait ‘til morning?” he asked sleepily.

He heard Lee’s lazy chuckle, and he knew Lee knew exactly what he was talking about. The question was would he torture him about it, or would the spirit of this night carry through?

Lee’s answer surprised him. “It’s under the tree now.”

What? How?

“It wasn’t there before.”

“I put it there when you were in the bathroom.”

Wasn’t he just the sneaky one?

“You ready for sleep, or do you want to see it now?”

Was that even a question? Marshall slid out of bed and was pleased to see Lee was right behind him. It wouldn’t have been near as much fun without him being there. When they reached the family room, Lee plugged in the tree, and Marshall took advantage of the flashing lights to scan the ground for some sign of the mysterious gift. But he didn’t see a single box. All that lay there was a long, slender envelope.

Marshall gave Lee a puzzled look, but Lee’s face was the picture of innocence. So Marshall lifted the envelope. His name was written across it in Lee’s familiar script. He carefully opened it and reached inside, pulling out what appeared to be tickets of some kind. Baseball? Football? Or something else?
His eyes grew wide as the words on the tickets began to sink in.

“A cruise?” he said, in awestruck tones. “Two tickets for a cruise? To the Virgin Islands?” His voice rose an octave in sheer disbelief. He looked to Lee for some sort of explanation. Surely not a business trip, not that far.

“I thought you should see something of the world,” Lee said softly. “Plus I figured we deserved a vacation. I heard about this gay cruise to the Virgin Islands, and it sounded perfect on both counts.”

“You and me? On a gay cruise to the Virgin Islands?” Marshall repeated, not sure if he’d heard Lee correctly. Lee nodded.

Marshall threw himself at Lee and hugged him tightly. He didn’t trust his voice at this moment, too choked with emotion to attempt any semblance of a coherent thought. He raised his face to Lee’s, gazed deep into Lee’s beautiful eyes. “This is the best Christmas ever,” he finally said.

“Best ever,” Lee agreed. “Do you know how very much I love you?”

Tears prickled Marshall’s eyes, tears of utter joy and happiness. “As much as I love you,” he solemnly replied in a heartfelt voice.

“Merry Christmas, Marshall.”

“Merry Christmas, Lee”

Their lips came together, and nothing more needed to be said.

The end… for now

I hope you enjoyed the ending of this part of the tale. Now go visit the other Briefers and see what's up with them!

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