Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tease Me Thursday #8: Be My Human

Friday's almost here, right? So it must be time for more Tease Me Thursday!

Today's excerpt comes from Be My Human, the second book in the Moonlit Skies series by MA Church and me. It will be out later this fall from Dreamspinner Press. You might remember Reed and Taz from the first book, Be My Alien. I don't think I need to set the scene, it speaks for itself. Enjoy! And don't forget to follow the other authors in the blog hop, whose links follow my excerpt!

Reed had Taz pressed against the door of their apartment, kissing him for all he was worth, when his cell went off. He recognized the little jangle that blared out of his phone as his mom’s ring tone. Talk about being cockblocked in a major way.

“Need to answer that,” Reed panted into Taz’s mouth.

“Okay.” Taz rubbed his body against Reed’s, clutching at him.

“Shit, babe.” Reed grabbed Taz’s hands. He barely managed to stop him from shredding one of his better silk shirts. Those claws of his boyfriend’s were something else.

The phone stopped ringing and Reed shrugged. Some things were more important than a phone conversation, right? Just as he resumed his exploration of Taz, the same damn song rang out again.

“Fuck!” Reed squirmed as he dug his cell out of his pants. “Just hold that thought, babe. This won’t take long.”

“I need,” Taz whimpered.

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