Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Guest Blogger: Alicia Nordwell

Please welcome my good friend and fellow author and wonderful beta Alicia Nordwell. She's going to have
some fun with pictures! And she's going to give us a peek at her newest release, Protecting Bear. Alicia, go ahead, I made us some snack. I'll just run get those.  And don't forget to read to the end of the post to find out about the giveaway!

First off, as always, I have to thank my host! Julie has taught me a lot about being a published author, so I owe her a huge amount of thanks. So, thanks! Okay, so where do red-blooded women go for inspiration when they want to visualize their characters? Well… a lot of the time they’re already in my head, but other times I go to pictures. These guys are pretty close to what I’d love you to visualize when you read the story? Ready for some fun? *winks*

There’s a reason why Bear captured Kameron’s attention so thoroughly. I’m not sure if I want him to turn around or just take them OFF!

But who can blame Bear to taking Kameron up on his offer of a date? Talk about piercing eyes. Yum!

Who wears the tattoo…? Ink is so sexy!

And who is this? Where does he come in? You wanna know? You’ll have to read Protecting Bear to find out!

*fans self* So HOT!! So I thought I’d keep the steamy going with a new excerpt! You know how before everyone complained because I didn’t show the intimacy between Bear and Kameron? Well that got fixed. Enjoy!

“I’m taking you to bed.”
“But I¾
Kameron wrapped one arm around Bear's neck, tangling his fingers in the back of his hair. He leaned down. “You're ready for a break.”
“I am?” Bear didn't say anything else. He couldn't. Kameron took possession of his mouth. Bear was gasping for breath by the time Kameron let him up for air.
“See?” Kameron slid his hand down and stroked the outline of Bear's cock. “I knew you were ready for a break.” Guiding them around the couch and down the hall, Kameron kept Bear walking backward all the way to the bed. Getting Bear's shirt off took some careful work, but Kameron took advantage of the slow task to touch every inch of Bear's skin. “Lay down.”
He let Bear maneuver onto the bed. Kameron stripped in a rush, unable to wait. He groaned in relief when he unzipped his pants and tugged his underwear down with them, kicking them off to the side.
Bear licked his lips.
Kameron smirked. He tugged on Bear's pants, exposing his colorful underwear. Bear was wearing a tiny pair of briefs that did nothing to hide the way his cock was leaking. The light blue fabric had a big wet spot over the engorged head. Bear tried to shove his underwear down but Kameron captured his hand. He pushed it down to the bed, then climbed up and knelt between Bear's legs.
Bear smelled like sandalwood soap. His muscles rippled in his stomach when Kameron stroked them. “Damn, you just … you're so hot.” Kameron couldn't wait anymore. He bent forward and nipped at Bear's underwear, biting with his lips at the hidden flesh. Bear whimpered, then thrust his hips up when Kameron sucked on the wet patch over the head of his cock.
“Oh, God.” Bear squirmed.
“Nope, just you and me.” Kameron slid Bear's underwear down and flung them off the bed. He scooted up Bear's body to kiss him again. Their cocks rubbed together, and Kameron grunted. God that felt good, almost too good. Bear thrust against him, and Kameron pinned his lower body with his hips. He was careful not to put any weight on Bear's chest. “Not yet.”
Bear whimpered. Kameron cradled Bear's face, stroking his jaw. “I want to be inside you.”
“Fucking finally.” Bear reached under his pillow and pulled out a condom and lube.
Kameron started laughing.
He rolled over onto his side so he wouldn't crush Bear. “You're amazing.”
Bear pushed him onto his back. “Of course I am.”

…Trust me, the scene only gets hotter! Just can’t wait? You can pick up a copy of Protecting Bear for just $2.99 at the following eBook sites.

Remember to comment for your chance to win the $10 Amazon gift card. The winner will be chosen randomly from the commenters and then announced on the final stop back at my blog on January 20th. Don’t forget to leave your email, or I won’t be able to contact you.

Wow, that was hot, Alicia! Thanks for stopping by, come back any time. And feel free to bring those guys with you lol

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie


  1. that was very hot. I want more!!
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  2. Okay, where's the fire extinguisher?? Phew, (fanning the fog from my glasses) that was HOT! And, as for picture #3, I'm guessing Loren.
    Kathy C

  3. Very hot!

  4. I love the super hot pictures! They are so yummy!
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  5. Hmm... What can I say? Sometimes I spend way too much time looking at model photos. Yum! And you're right Kathy, that's Loren's tattoo. It's just how I pictured it, big, bold, and fierce. You're all entered to win the GC!

  6. Loved the pics and interview. Absoluely loved Protecting Bear. It was even better than the online version with the additions added to the book. Please enter me in the GC giveaway. Thank you. :)


  7. Read this story on Wednesday Briefs. It was hot then and I look forward to reading it together. Hot.

  8. That was hot and the pics definitely added to what was already in my imagination. I just bought my copy. There are a few books ahead of it on my TBR list but I may have to move it up a few notches since I already love these guys.


  9. I really liked the photos, helps me to envision what the characters should look like. Thanks for the steamy excerpt.
    strive4bst(AT) yahoo(Dot) com

  10. :D Everyone likes a bit of smut, right? I know that was an issue with the first version so I made sure to fix it this time! *wink wink* LOL

  11. *A* OMG! I loved those pictures!
    Eek!! They're absolutely wonderful references for the characters. ahaha. I'm totally going to be seeing them once I can get my grubby hands on it. LOL...

    Judi P