Saturday, May 4, 2013

First release with a new publisher

On Wednesday, I had my first release with eXtasy Books. They released a story that originally began as part of my weekly flash fiction, posted on Wednesdays by the Wednesday Briefers. The story is Dallas in Wonderland. I had self-published it for a little while, but then I decided to submit it to eXtasy. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Naturally, I received a new cover and, while I thought the one I did wasn't too bad, I am really pleased with the new one.

Going down the rabbit hole has never been so sexy!

Blurb:  After finding his lover in the arms of another man, Dallas Crosby moves off campus to a Victorian-style apartment building to begin a new life. A chance encounter with the mysterious and sexy Dr. Samuel Levi has Dallas in a tailspin. But the man comes and goes unexpectedly and Dallas doesn’t know what to make of him. Just when he thinks he’s getting somewhere with the unusual man, he finds himself in an unbelievable situation, and he has to struggle both to find the man he’s fallen for, and to get back to where he belongs.
Can Dallas find a way to leave Wonderland or will he be lost forever?

Excerpt:  As Dallas fluttered back to consciousness, the first thing he became aware of was a great deal of warmth beating against his eyelids, trying to force them open.
He gapped first one eye and then the other. Damn, that was bright. Quickly he threw up a protective arm against the overly bright glare from the…
…the sun?
He sat up abruptly, instantly regretting that he’d done so. His head throbbed, conga drum painfully. He threw his hands to either side of him for balance, his fingers digging into the thick grass.
What the hell? Where was he? And why? And where was Samuel?
Think, think, think, he exhorted himself. What was the last thing he remembered?
The ache in his cock reminded him. He’d been dancing with Samuel. In one of the university houses. He was house sitting there or something. He remembered the heart-stopping kisses, taking his clothes off—with Samuel’s assistance—and spinning… Yes, Samuel had asked him to spin, so he had, receiving his approbation. Admiration. Confabulation. Spinning and spinning…
Eyes. He remembered seeing the eyes behind Samuel. Gleaming…dangerous…terrible eyes. Watch out, Samuel. But he couldn’t get the words out, no matter how he tried. Then nothing but darkness.
So where was he now?

Dallas in Wonderland is available here

I have also sold them Trapped in Time, which I am currently finishing. It too began as a flash fiction. I'll keep you updated as I progress. 

Next Wednesday, May 8th, my first collaboration with M.A. Church releases - Be My Alien, from
Dreamspinner.  It's available for Pre-order now. More about that later. Sexy Snippets tomorrow. Maybe I'll post from that.

Time to start my day. Edits to do, and writing. I'm working on Dead Vibrations, the prequel to my Stan and Ollie story. Feel free to ask me about that, or anything else I'm writing. 

Tomorrow we're going to see Iron Man 3! Will let you know how it is!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

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