Thursday, March 7, 2013

News of the day!

I apologize in advance, as I probably won't be able to post Friday through Sunday. Well, maybe Sunday afternoon, depending on how tired I am. Sarah and I are going to Indiana to visit Katie, and I won't have Internet access. Sometimes that's a good thing.

Now the news... I've signed a contract with a new publisher. New for me, not in general lol  Torquere Press is going to publish my Christmas story, A Special Christmas, in December of 2013.  As you may recall, it was previously published with a publisher who doesn't need to be named and doesn't deserve the recognition.

I plan to send them more of my work in the future. I also hope to hear from two other publishers I've subbed to. That would make a great welcome home email!

I'm working, albeit temporarily, at a marketing company, doing data entry, entering invoice information, billing TV stations for their spots. That should end early next week, though, alas.

I'll try to post tomorrow, after work, but I can't guarantee anything. I want to finish the first round of edits on a book I'm editing, before I leave.

See you all when I get back!

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