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Wednesday Briefs: Dallas in Wonderland #20

Happy Wednesday, it's that time of the week again - time for the Wednesday Briefers to do their thing! This week, This week, Scarlett Knight is our Prompt Diva, and she's given us these wonderful prompts: Prompt 1: Write a scene/story set on a plane, a cruise ship, or a train  and  Prompt 2: Use "macaroni," "diva," and "cape" and Prompt 3: Write a scene/story and include a bird in some way  while I offer  these alternate prompts: "Opposites attract" or 
an interesting use of an electric chair or scarf, cucumber, and a coffee table

This week, Dallas in Wonderland turns 20! Last week, we saw Dallas get his heart's desire - making love with Samuel. Now what's in store for these two? Find out here! And then check out the other Briefers to see what they're up to!  Enjoy!

Dallas in Wonderland #20

A sleepy Dallas opened his eyes to discover they were back where they’d started. Back by the fire,  along with the other wayward wanderers; not back in their own world, much as he might wish to be.

Darkness had engulfed them in a velvety curtain, the stars mere pinpoints of light dotting the background. Staring hazily up into the night sky, Dallas swore he saw two moons, parallel crescents that nestled close together, like celestial lovers. He blinked and looked again. Yes, there were two moons.

“Curiouser and curiouser,” he murmured aloud.

He glanced up, meeting Samuel’s gaze, looking down at him. His head was pillowed in Samuel’s lap; he lay on the sand, near enough to benefit from the warmth of the blaze around which the others sat in pairs. When he looked at them, he received winks and knowing smiles in return. His cheeks grew warm, but not from the fire.

Samuel’s hand stroked Dallas’ hair; he nestled against him contentedly. The sand was surprisingly comfortable, but Samuel’s lap was pure heaven. This wasn’t really so bad, was it? He wouldn’t mind staying here for a while, with Samuel by his side.

Samuel kissed one of his fingers, placed the fingertip against Dallas’ lips in a gesture that went straight to Dallas’ heart. He heard the hoots and catcalls from the peanut gallery, but he didn’t mind. For right now, all was right with the world.

Samuel looked up at the other men. “Gentlemen.” He smiled, revealing his pearly white teeth. “I believe you were telling us your tale, were you not?”

Dallas followed his gaze, saw that he referred to Leatherman, who was now handcuffed to the policeman. He didn’t seem to mind, considering the heated looks exchanged between them.  Dallas wondered what he’d missed. Had he been asleep long? Had Samuel carried him here, after dressing him? A quick glance downward reassured him that yes, he was dressed, just as before.

Leatherman cleared his throat. “Ahem, as I was saying…”

“Here, have some of this.” A moccasin-clad foot gently nudged Dallas. He glanced up to find the Indian Chief, silhouetted against the double moons. He held something out to Dallas, pincered between two fingers.

“I don’t smoke,” Dallas began, but Samuel reached for the glowing object instead.

“Thank you.”

The colorful bonnet on the Indian’s head swayed as he nodded, then walked away. Dallas watched curiously as Samuel took the item, which resembled a cigarette, but was shorter and stubbier, and placed the lit end inside his mouth. He leaned down toward Dallas, who instinctively inhaled, desirous of taking in Samuel’s scent. Funny, it was sweeter than he remembered. Almost dizzyingly sweet…

Dallas could hear Leatherman going on, in the background, but damned if he knew what the man was talking about, neither did he care. The comments of his audience were more entertaining.

“What a diva!” the construction worker snorted, while he heard the cowboy remark, “Give a guy a cape and suddenly they’re the Lone Ranger.” Whatever that meant.

“How’s my baby?” Samuel asked, his fingers caressing Dallas’s temple. Dallas smiled up at him, a smile that reached from ear to ear. In fact, Dallas felt as though he were all smile, and nothing else. He was the biggest smile in the world, because he was the happiest man in the world.

“Meow,” he purred, rubbing his face against Samuel’s crotch, the feel of his hard cock taking his breath away. “Mmm, kitty want milk. Feed kitty?”

Samuel moved Dallas’ face away from his crotch, but not too far. “I’m afraid you won’t find any milk there, kitty. Not the kind that felines enjoy, anyway.”

Undaunted, Dallas opened his mouth as if he intended to inhale Samuel’s cock through the kilt. “Kitty thirsty,” he repeated. “Kitty want to drink…”

“Hey, soldier, I made a mess of macaroni, would you like some?” the military man offered.

Somehow even a cheesy treat didn’t compare to what he knew he’d find beneath Samuel’s kilt.

Something clicked in Dallas’ brain, befogged as it was. Samuel was wearing a kilt, not a pair of traditional trousers. So much the better. Not only sexier, but easier to get into his knickers, ‘cause he wasn’t wearing any!

Dallas grinned again, all the way down to his non-existent toes. “Meow,” he purred, as he pulled back a little bit, contemplating Samuel in all his green glory. He bent down and kissed one knee, then turned to the other and kissed that too, lest he be accused of favoritism, licking along his calf for good measure. The slightly salty taste of Samuel’s skin only served to enflame his desire.

Reaching for the kilt, he lifted it.  Tied around Samuel’s beautiful cock was a string and a tag that read, “Drink me.”

Well, Dallas didn’t need to be told twice, as he quickly untied the little notice and tossed it aside, then swallowed Samuel’s cock whole. Oh blessed cock, blessed relief, blessed great saints in the morning, but Samuel tasted so very good. Best cock ever. Bar none.

Greedily he guzzled and sucked on that beautiful cock. The leather clad bore’s voice droned even further into the background, only occasionally a word or two seeping into Dallas’ consciousness. Bats. And cats. And sometimes even rats.

Do cats eat bats? Do bats eat cats? Do cocks eat locks? Do locks eat cocks? Around and around and around he goes, and where he stops, nobody…

The world seemed to explode inside of Dallas’ mouth and he began to drink, in great long gulps, as if he’d been marooned in the middle of the sea for a long long time, with nothing but salt water to drink.

Now where was that silly albatross?

His first sign that something just might be wrong was when he heard the shriek of the Leatherman, and then cries of concern from all the other men. And then, for some reason, he found that his overly large foot was in the fire.

 to be continued

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  1. I LOVE IT. I just love the way you weave in the little gems from the Alice books. Drink Me HAHAHAHA. And the Cheshire Cat grin. Mind you, the weed explains a lot.

    I've caught up with the rest of it and I think this is my favourite so far.

    1. Experience, helps lol I remember myself as young and stoned.

      I ADORE the Alice books so much, I guess you noticed lol So weird, when I googled about the shotgun, cause I'd forgotten what it was called, it referenced Platoon, which is a running joke with my daughter and me because of the charlie Sheen commercials here lol

      I see a lot of sex when these two are together :)

  2. Oh jeez, I haven't had a chance to read the back stories, but now I get it, lol. Great way to spin the movie, and yeah, a little weed to help, lol. ;)

    Damn, don't get me stated on that Charlie Sheen commercial!


  3. Really great this week Julie. I loved that Dallas's playful side came out. I just new when he took that drink something was going to happen. LOL!