Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Briefs: Bath House Salvation

Happy Wednesday to one and all! Time for another round of Flash Fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! Chase those mid-week blues away with a little bit of fun in fiction!  This week's prompt was: "I can see clearly now...", while the alternate prompts were:  Use canvas, mustache, and pond or "I'd follow you anywhere" or "Take your clothes off or I'll..." or use: chicken, pantomime, stock market, or "His/her eyes were as green as..."

There will be no Dallas in Wonderland this week. I'm getting close to the end, and it's time to wrap it up and sub it. I'll keep you all apprised of how that goes, so you can see what happens to Dallas and Samuel. This week I've done a one off. I hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to check out the other Wednesday Briefers, their links follow my story.

Bath House Salvation

I don’t normally troll the bath houses this early on a Friday night. Most of the action doesn’t start until later; right now the pickings are slim, and not up to my usual standards. But my mother gave me an ultimatum—make sure I’m on time for dinner or else. I can’t very well argue. Her house, her rules.
At twenty-five, you’d think I’d be past that, wouldn’t you? Shows what a divorce will do to a guy. She took everything, cleaned me out pretty good. Just cause she saw me sucking the next door neighbor’s cock. Loony bitch.

I can see clearly now why I should’ve never married her. Hindsight’s great, isn’t it? But it won’t get my house back. Thank God we didn’t have kids.  She’s about as motherly as a rock.

“Hey Colin!”

I’m trolling through the rooms, taking a gander, seeing what I can see. I’m a regular here at Pete’s, and I know a lot of the people who come here to get their nuts off. One of them hails me as I pass by. He’s leaning against the wall, wearing nothing but a smile, while a very energetic blond bobs about on his cock.

“Hey Denver!” I reply with an appreciative nod for the fellow at his feet. I pass on, hitching my towel about my hips; I’m not ready to take it off yet and I have no reason to.

I’m beginning to think dinner’s all I’m going to get tonight when I see him. His head was down, or I’d have noticed sooner. As soon as he lifts his chin, and we lock gazes, I’m lost and I know it. His eyes are as green as a placid summer pond, speckled with blue and a hint of gold. Then he smiles at me, and I know I’d follow him anywhere.

Approaching him, I notice he still wears his towel. Someone grabs my arm; I shake it off. I’ve just found what I want, no need to look at anyone else.

We’re standing in front of one another now, and with a mutual accord, we each drop our towels. I give him a quick up and down, and damn, do I like what I see. If his widening smile is any indication, he thinks I’m no slouch either. I push him back against the wall, and then I begin.

With time constraints in place, I quickly drop to my knees, coming face to face with his erection. Wow, it’s rather beautiful for a dick. I’d always thought of them as being rather utilitarian—there for a purpose, but not necessary nice to look at. I think I’ve just changed my mind.

He wouldn’t necessarily take any prizes at the County Cock Fair, but then again, size is vastly overrated. What I see, I like. A very healthy seven inches, I think. Not too thick, not too thin, just right. And uncut, too. I never realized how much I like uncut meat. Dietary change in order, I see.

I take my tongue and languidly lick the underside of his cock, which is pointing straight up. He shudders in sheer pleasure, his fingers tangling in my hair.  I take just the head into my mouth and slurp on it, tasting tiny beads of pre-cum that seep already. Mmm, they taste pretty good. Preview of coming attractions? No pun intended.

I probe his slit with my tongue, which elicits throaty moans. I take in a bit more of his cock into my mouth and suck. I wish I had more time, there are things I’d love to do to this man, and have done by him, but this first round will have to be edited, alas. I only pray there’ll be a second.

I like the way he smells, fresh and clean, with just a hint of citrus in the background. I continue to swallow him down until I reach the end and he’s completely sheathed inside my mouth. I use my spare hand, the one that isn’t holding that gorgeous cock, to grasp his balls, and that induces more moans, while his fingers tighten in my thick, curly hair. I like the way that feels.

I find it hard to pace myself, I want to taste his come so badly. Harder and harder I suck, rolling his balls between my fingers, feeling the shudders that vibrate through his body. He must be close now; I double my efforts and I’m rewarded with a burst of his fluids in my mouth. Hard and fast he comes; I swallow it all, greedily, as if I were a dying man and he my salvation.

Finally, having consumed all he has to offer, I catch my breath, staring up into those beautiful green eyes. Damn, there’s something about him, something special. I almost ask his name, but that’s really not etiquette for a first encounter. Hopefully later.

He helps me to my feet and before I can say a word, he presses his lips against mine, and his hand cups my cock. I wind my arms about him, pulling him away from the wall to do it. Our bodies press together, and damned if I don’t feel a spark of life in his. But I can see my watch, and I have to say adieu.

“Gotta go,” I murmur regretfully, then out the door.

On the subway home, I lose track of where I am, daydreaming about Mr. Sexy. I miss my stop and have to double back. Damn, no time to change. I just make it home on time. My mother and her guest are in the living room. I smooth down my trousers and step inside.

“Colin, meet the new parish priest, Father Donovan.”

A man in black priest’s robes rises to meet me, a smile upon his lips.  I think my prayers have just been answered, as I gaze into those lovely green eyes again.

I think I’ll have to start going to church more often.

The End

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  1. *splutters* Oh damn, I so did not see that coming. LOL ;)

    Love the short-very, very hot!


  2. Damn! Hot and erotic with a twist. Until next week.

  3. Hot *and* subversive, what a rocking combo! This is a really nice short.

  4. Love the twist at the end! Great story.

  5. I really didn't expect THAT. Phew hot stuff. I so loved that story. You always manage to get humour in there even when you're not trying. Love it