Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ouran High School Host Club Volume 11 Review

Ouran High School is about to hold its first sports festival! Tamaki and Kyoya are on opposing teams, a highly unusual situation. Which one will prevail? And what effect will it have on their friendship. Kyoya is the strategist, while Tamaki operates on sheer emotion. Will Kyoya over think the situation, or has he pegged his friend perfectly? But what other forces are in play that might have a hand in what is happening?

Hikaru and Kaoru are also on opposite teams, which makes them uncomfortable with keeping secrets from one another. But there’s more to their estrangement then that, if only they could put their finger on what that something is. Or is it someone?

By the time the first half of the festival is over, Tamaki’s Red Team has proven itself to be its own worst enemy, and it seems that the White Team will handily take the day. Is there any way to turn things around?
When it comes down to the relay race, Tamaki and Kyoya make a private wager between themselves—if Tamaki wins, he gets a free year-round use of Kyoya’s kotatsu passport, but if Kyoya emerges triumphant, then Tamaki  has to greet customers the following week wearing only a fundoshi.

The Host Club is wearing kilts—all except Tamaki, who’s in his fundoshi and complaining about it (although the customers certainly aren’t). Haruhi buys him a superball to keep him occupied; it works a little too well, leading to the discovery of a mischievous tanuki whose behavior becomes a bit extreme.

The class trip is coming up, and the destination is France. Tamaki doesn’t let on to the others, but he confides in Kyoya that he isn’t going. Meanwhile, the twins are discovering new things about themselves.

In a bonus story, we get a look at Hunny’s brother, Chika as he fights against his attraction to cute cuddly animals.

There’s a lot going on in this volume, and we get some real indepth looks into the characters and their motivations, although Haruhi’s appearances are rather minimal. It’s more about the relationship between Tamaki and Kyoya, and Hikaru and Kaoru.  The sports festival stories are enjoyable and fun. In one episode, Ranka and Misuzu and Mei make a brief appearance.  I wish there’d been a host club in my high school. How much fun would that have been?

Another great volume of Host Club, can’t wait to see more!

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