Sunday, February 19, 2012

DIY is the Better Way to Go

This morning, I found myself facing a small dilemma. Nothing major as problems go, rather more annoying than anything. The taskbars at the top and bottom of my screen refused to stay in position, no matter what I did. Now I knew that if I asked my daughter Sarah, she'd be able to help me out of my situation, even if she grumbled about it because I'm pretty sure she's told me how to do it before and I'd forgotten. But she was asleep, and I sure as Hell wasn't about to wake her to ask her. I prefer to live, thank you.

So I did the most logical thing - I googled the problem. Found an assortment of answers, some of which were germaine, some not. The most relevant involved locking my taskbar, not auto-hiding it, etc. I tried their suggestions, and still nothing worked. I was getting frustrated, but I didn't give up. I kept looking and looking, and then I noticed a small box which was checked - I think it said exit full screen.

Durp. I unchecked the box and problem solved.

Now, my point wasn't to show you how computer illiterate I am (although sadly true), but to show you the satisfaction of figuring out a problem yourself. I felt like I'd won a victory, albeit a small one, because I'd applied actual logic and perserverance and found a solution. Of course, not everything in life is that easy. But then again, who wants it to be? People who have things that come too easily to them tend not to appreciate them, and take such things for granted.

Money is a great motivator. In its pursuit, we become damn creative at times, doing what we can to keep afloat. If you're born with it, the motivation isn't always there, as is evident if you check out the infamous scions of wealthy people. They're not all bad, of course  not, but some of them are just plain wastes of space. They think life consists of pleasures and having fun. Their idea of reality is not real at all.

I get annoyed with some of the people on a particular FB game I play because they're always whining - I need this, give me that, blah blah blah. While I don't mind helping people with extra items if I have them, I think these people are missing the point. Didn't they start playing in order to enjoy playing the game? Looking for the items is part of that play, and if you get everything too fast, then you end up not having anything to play.  It's not the destination, folks, it's the journey that counts.

One of my favorite mottos comes from a Chinese gentleman named Lao Tzu:  "Give a man a fish; feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; feed him for a lifetime".  

How true, how very true. I'd rather learn how to fish and be able to apply the techniques for myself, then have someone give me a handout.  The same holds true for the things you know, that you teach to other people. If you're going to tell someone they're wrong about something, explain why, so they can avoid such an error in the future. I strive to do that with my editing. Of course, I'm not perfect. But I do welcome questions, and if you ask, I'll give you my reason for what I said.

I think some of the biggest problems in my life have come from waiting for someone to do something that I need done. I went without heat for three winters because of promises made by different people, offers of assistance that never came about. The sad thing about being poor is you can't afford certain things, and this was one of them. So we stayed cold. Very cold. But finally, in the third winter, a suggestion from a friend led to getting heat and hooray for warmth, cause it's wonderful! I ended up boosting the process, instead of sitting back and waiting for it to happen. I'm very glad I did.

I think from now on when issues arise, I'll google them and try to find solutions online that I can apply. There is a wealth of information on the Internet, and generally help on any given topic. If you're willing to look, and if you're willing to apply yourself. I may not be a plumber, but by golly, I'll learn some of their tricks to help me fix things. Nothing too major, of course. I'm not stupid enough to think I could wire my house, or put on a roof (that also has to do with a fear of heights).

But I'll never know what I can do unless I try. Although, I'm also wiling to accept help, if offered.

DIY - better than give it to me any day. 

And what I learn, I'm more than willing to teach so you can do it yourself too!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

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