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Wednesday Briefs: The Sheriff #6 (3.1)

Good morning and Happy Hump Day! If it's Wednesday, then it must be time for more flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! We're a group of authors who bring you our finest flash fiction every week, 500 to 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts.

Looks like the Sheriff has a date! Wonder who the mystery lady is? Can he find happiness on an Internet dating site? And how will things work out between Dustin and Jordan? Check out the next episode of The Sheriff! Don't forget to visit the other Briefers and see what they're up to. Their links follow my tale!

Also, if anyone has a suggestion for a title for my story that you think is better than The Sheriff, I'm all ears lol

The Sheriff #6 (3.1)

Friday night, and Partners was rockin’, filled to the brim with men, and more than a few ladies. Dustin wondered how he was going to find Jordan in all these people.

He hadn’t been sure what to wear. Partners tended to be a casual kind of place, for the most part. That’s one of the reasons he liked it. Still, he wanted to make a good impression. He’d finally settled on a nice pair of camel cords, and a long-sleeved  pale mauve dress shirt he knew looked good on him. He’d rounded out the ensemble with a pair of his best boots, which he hoped to get some use out of on the dance floor.

Not wanting to appear lost, Dustin headed toward the bar. Might as well get a beer, then take a look around. He bellied up to the end of the bar, once a spot cleared, waited until the bartender was free, and ordered a local microbrew he particularly liked. When it came, he paid for it, then swiveled, set his back against the bar, and scanned the crowd.

“Hey, good lookin!”

The voice was feminine and definitely not Jordan’s. Dustin assumed it was meant for someone else and didn’t bother to look until he felt a tug at his sleeve. He glanced down to find a petite brunette with big brown eyes looking up at him. He judged her to be maybe thirty or so. When it came to women, he wasn’t good at guessing ages.

Dustin didn’t say anything immediately, sure she must be talking to someone else, even though she was looking straight at him. He glanced around and then back at her.

“Hello,” he said cautiously.

“Pretty crowded here, don’t you think?” she continued. She took a step closer, raising her voice as if to make herself heard above the surrounding noise.

“Pretty much,” he responded.

“I’m meeting someone,” he added, just in case she’d gotten the notion he was available. Not that his taste ever ran toward women, but she didn’t have to know that.

“Me too,” she admitted. “Mine’s a blind date. Yours?”

“Not a blind date,” he said tersely.

She giggled and leaned across the bar. Dustin heard the bartender ask what was her pleasure.

“Well, I would say you, but you’re kind of busy.” She replied to his question and giggled again. The sound was starting to get on Dustin’s nerves. “Can you fix me an appletini for right now?”

“I can mix anything you can think of.”

He must have walked off. The woman turned around and beamed up at Dustin. “I’m hooked on those,” she said. “If you haven’t had one, you haven’t lived.”

“Not my cup of tea,” Dustin said politely. He continued to scan the crowd, searching for some sign of Jordan.

“Want to hang out until your date gets here?” She held her drink in one hand, as she plucked out the cherry with the other and devoured it before tossing the stem onto the bar.

Dustin had seen enough, but just as he was going to tell her why that was a bad idea, he heard someone call his name. He looked up to find Jordan standing there, and all thoughts of the woman evaporated. Jordan was wearing a silky blue shirt that he wore open, exposing his creamy skin. His black pants looked as though they’d been painted on. If Dustin wasn’t mistaken, Jordan was going commando. He swallowed quickly.

“Hey, Jordan,” he said, his heart thumping lustfully.

“What are you drinking? Looks like you’re almost done with that one.”

To his surprise, Dustin realized he’d almost drained it. Not waiting for an answer, Jordan imperiously flagged the bartender, who responded in short order.

“We’ll take two more of those,” he said, pointing at Dustin’s glass. “What about your friend? What’s she drinking?”

It took Dustin a second to figure out he meant the brunette. “Not a friend,” he blurted out. “We just met.”

“Glad to hear it,” Jordan responded. They both looked toward the woman, who didn’t seem fazed at all to see them together.

“You’re good looking too,” she said with a grin. Setting her drink on the bar, she fumbled inside her purse then pulled out a pen, and jotted something on her cocktail napkin, which she handed to Jordan.
“If you guys ever want to party, call me. I think it would be fun.” She gave them a wink, then grabbed her drink and glided out of sight.

Dustin and Jordan exchanged glances. Jordan arched a dark brow.

“What was that all about?”

“Hell if I know.” Dustin burst out laughing. The situation was so ridiculous, he’d forgotten how nervous he was about meeting Jordan. He was here now, that’s all that mattered. “Don’t tell me she gave you her phone number?”

“Did she?” Jordan looked at the napkin in his hand. “So she did.” He crumbled it and tossed it onto the bar, next to the discarded cherry stem.  “Oh well.”

Dustin couldn’t have said it any better himself.

“You’re looking good,” Jordan complimented him.

“I was about to say the same thing,” Dustin said truthfully.

“Why don’t we find a table and get better acquainted?”

Dustin liked the sound of that very much.

to be continued

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