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Wednesday Briefs: Don't Look Back #36 (7.3)

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In last week's episode of Don't Look Back, Marshall and Lee discovered they are in a video on You Tube. At first, Marshall doesn't care, but he can see Lee does, and then he realizes why. Now they go home and celebrate their anniversary in style! Don't forget to see what the other Briefers are up to! Their links follow my tale!

Don't Look Back #36 (7.3)

Lee gripped one of Marshall’s hands in his, while Marshall leaned silently against him. Nothing more was said for the duration of the ride home, but Marshall understood the unspoken message: they were in this together, and nothing would force them apart. Nothing, and no one.

Once they were home, they shut down the house for the night and headed for the bedroom. Despite his dismay at the news of their newly acquired Internet status, Marshall was determined not to let it affect their evening. This was their anniversary, three years of loving one another, and nothing could detract from that.

When Lee came out of the bathroom, Marshall was waiting for him. He pressed against him, his fingers reaching for the buttons on Lee’s Western-style shirt. Lee covered Marshall’s hand with his own and gave him a questioning look.

“I believe you made me a promise earlier tonight,” Marshall murmured. He slid his hand between them, covering the growing bulge in Lee’s jeans.

“That I did,” Lee concurred, “if you’re sure—”

“What I’m sure of is that I love you, and these past three years have been wonderful. The best years of our lives are still ahead of us…”

He studied Lee’s face, waiting for his reaction. Lee’s familiar slow, lazy smile spread across his face, and Marshall’s heart swelled at the sight. Lee’s smile was so beautiful, it took Marshall’s breath away.

“I love you too,” Lee replied, “and this I promise. I’ll never stop loving you, and I’ll never stop being here for you, no matter what.”

There was nothing more to be said. They quickly undressed one another before tumbling onto the bed.

“Back or stomach?” Marshall asked.

“Back. I want to look at you while I make love to you.”

Lee’s words were balm on Marshall’s troubled soul. Nothing bad could happen to them; their love was too strong to break. This was forever, and even though Marshall was young, he knew their love was true and right.

He positioned himself as Lee got out the lube and slicked his erection. Marshall watched, turned on by the way Lee’s hand slid up his shaft. Someday he’d have to ask Lee to beat off just so he could watch him do it. Assuming he could resist the urge to touch him while he did.

“Hand me the lube,” he said, and when Lee did, Marshall greased two fingers and began to work them inside himself. Lee nodded his approval and watched him hungrily. When Marshall felt sufficiently loosened, he tossed the lube aside, and spread his legs.

“All yours,” he murmured, as Lee positioned himself between Marshall’s legs.

Three years of lovemaking, and Marshall still couldn’t get enough of Lee. As Lee sheathed himself inside Marshall’s heat, he welcomed him with his entire being, squeezing his muscles with practiced ease, gripping Lee’s cock. When Lee was fully seated, he stopped. He lifted Marshall’s legs to the level of his waist, allowing him to delve deeper inside him, and Marshall locked his ankles together, resting them just above Lee’s ass.

He could stay like this all day and night, if it was physically possible. Sadly, it wasn’t.

“Goddamn but you’re beautiful,” Lee told him in a reverential tone which reverberated through Marshall, enveloping his heart.

“And you’re very sexy,” Marshall murmured, “sexiest man I’ve ever seen…”

Lee began to move, slowly, inside of Marshall, and Marshall matched his pace with the thrusts of his hips. They had all night, no need for speed, no urgency other than the dictates of their hearts. Nothing else and no one else existed for them at this moment. This was their world and theirs alone.

When Lee pulled out of Marshall, without having come, Marshall started to protest, but Lee silenced him with a kiss. “Don’t want to finish yet, I want to taste you, then take you in the shower.”

Marshall couldn’t help but like that idea, with one modification.  “How about we sixty-nine?” he suggested.

“I like the way you think. Scoot over so I can get on bottom.”

Marshall made room for Lee, then rolled on top of him, his head between Lee’s legs and his ass and cock within reach of Lee’s mouth. A shiver of anticipation shook Marshall’s frame. He kissed the tip of Lee’s weeping cock, tasting his salty precum, before easing his lips around Lee’s erection. Lee took Marshall’s dick into his mouth, which was warm and moist, and began sucking on him in return.
Marshall was too wound up to hold out for long, especially with Lee’s expert tonguing action coaxing his orgasm from him. It seemed like they’d barely begun when Marshall tightened and released inside Lee’s mouth.  He continued his ministrations on Lee’s hard-on, and was rewarded with Lee’s load as he came.

Marshall reversed his position and snuggled into Lee’s arms as they caught their breath, before heading into the shower. There, they cleaned up together and played with some of their toys beneath the warm water.

Drying off, they returned to the bed and relaxed for a few minutes before beginning again.

Lee lay on his back, Marshall on his stomach beside him. He touched Lee’s chest, his fingers lightly brushing over Lee’s nipples, which stood at attention. Lee made no objection, so Marshall took one dusky nub into his mouth and sucked at it lightly. Lee’s hand slid down Marshall’s back, caressing his cheeks before he slid a finger inside of him. Marshall moaned around Lee’s nipple.  Lee continued, adding a second finger, dexterously reaching for Marshall’s prostate. When he touched it, Marshall quivered, his entire body alight like a pinball machine.

“Sounds like you’re ready for me,” Lee commented.

“Oh hell yeah. Fuck me again, please. Hard,” Marshall practically begged.

They changed positions, Lee taking the upper hand once more. No stretching was needed. Marshall was already relaxed. Lee pulled Marshall’s legs up to his shoulders and pushed inside him in one stroke.

 to be continued

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