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Tease Me Thursday #41: A Marshall and Lee Christmas: Part II

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope that everyone is happy and healthy and safe! Not only is it Christmas day, but it's Tease Me Thursday. I'm doing something a little different, and perhaps technically, it's not playing by the rules, but hey, it's Christmas! I began my story yesterday, on my Wednesday Briefs flash. Yesterday was the first part of A Marshall and Lee Christmas, today is part II. I hope you enjoy it, and Merry Christmas to you!

A Marshall and Lee Christmas: Part II

“You going to stare at that all day, or you think maybe you could put it on top of the tree?”

Marshall had been so absorbed in his memories he hadn’t heard Lee come in. He wore a shit-eating grin on his face. Marshall couldn’t help but grin back.

“Thought I would,” he countered. “You all done with Roy? What’s wrong with his car?”

“He thought his alternator might be going out, but I think it was just a dead battery. We jumped it and it started pretty quick. If it doesn’t hold the charge, I told him I’d drive him up to get a new one.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Marshall carefully carried the angel to the tree and set her on top. He could remember a time when he needed help to do that. What a difference a few years made.

“So, what was all that about?” Lee questioned.

“What? Oh, nothing much.” Marshall turned to face him. “Just thinkin’ ‘bout how we got her and everything.”


“Well, you know. Just stuff.” Marshall shrugged.

Lee stepped closer, and circled Marshall’s waist. “We had some really good times back then,” he said softly. “Just you and me.”

“Just you and me,” Marshall repeated. He had few memories of his mother being a part of the family. In fact, most of his memories of her were unpleasant ones. Although Lee never said much about her, Marshall got the impression from what little he let slip and things she’d said that she’d never wanted to have him, and didn’t want to be around him, so she’d ended up leaving them both. When he was younger, he’d worried about her absence, wondering if it was his fault. But when he voiced his concern, Lee had been quick to assure him that it was all on her, and that Marshall had done nothing wrong.

“I hope you know I wouldn’t change a single thing,” Lee said, and Marshall understood exactly what he meant, and he wholeheartedly agreed. Neither would he.

They leaned together, their lips meeting softly. Marshall wound his arms around Lee’s neck, and no more words were necessary.

They wound the strands of blue and white lights around the tree then plugged them in to make sure none of the bulbs had gone bad since last year. There were a few that didn’t glow. Lee flicked life into two of them, and replaced one bulb that couldn’t be coaxed into shining. Then they hung the ornaments—gold and green and blue balls, along with more personal decorations. Every year, they chose something new that symbolized their lives, and another year of being together. This year they’d found a naughty Santa Claus placing a pair of handcuffs beneath someone’s tree. They’d found that one online, at an adult site.

Lee had promised they’d make good use of the real things on Christmas day.

The tinsel was the last thing to go on. They draped the silver-blue icicles over the branches, careful not to put too many in one spot, scattering them in delicate array about the tree. Then they stopped back and admired their handiwork. The tinsel shimmered iridescently in the glow from the lights.
“Beautiful,” Lee declared, and Marshall echoed his sentiment.

“Roy’s coming tonight, isn’t he?” Marshall asked, although he had no doubt of the answer to his question.

“He is. I told him we’d pick him up on our way.”

On Christmas Eve, Milly’s diner was the place to be. Those residents who didn’t go out of town for the holidays met there for dinner. It was a very festive occasion. Good food, good company, and a reminder of what the holidays were all about. A commitment to one another, and an affirmation of the strong bond of friendship shared by the people of Burnham. This was something that was hard to find in big cities where people oftentimes didn’t even speak to their neighbors, or know their names or their lives, much less celebrate occasions with them. Marshall wouldn’t trade life in this small town for a fancier life anywhere else.

“That mean he’s not bringing a date?” Marshall arched his eyebrows inquisitively.

“Yup, that’s what that means. ‘Sides, he’s going to be on duty after dinner, just in case some ruckus starts.”

“Yeah, that’s true.” On Christmas Eve, anything could happen, although New Year’s Eve was worse, with more people out there getting likkered up. Roy didn’t stand for that sort of nonsense in 
Burnham, and out-of-towners quickly learned to avoid the place. But still, there was an occasional fool who apparently didn’t get the memo. After one run-in with Roy, they learned.

“Go stand by the tree a minute,” Marshall instructed Lee, who rolled his eyes and pretended to frown.

“What for?” he asked in a gruff voice.

“Just do it.” Marshall laughed as he hurried into their bedroom, returning moments later with a camera in his hand. He powered it on, checked to make sure the lighting was right, and urged, “Smile pretty now.”

Lee shook his head but he flashed Marshall one of his brilliant smiles, and Marshall got the shot. Then they exchanged places and Lee took one of Marshall. Finally, they posed together, and Marshall held the camera out at arm’s length and photographed the two of them.

“That enough for now, Mr. Photographer?” Lee teased.

“It’ll do for now,” Marshall conceded. “You know, we could really use a new printer.”

“You keep telling me that, but I’m still not sure I understand why we need one. Especially that fancy color one you make a point of showing me in the catalog.”

Marshall had had his eye on a photo-quality printer for a while now, but hadn’t been able to get Lee to budge on buying it. Yet. He hadn’t given up, even if Lee showed no sign of relenting, claiming it was an unjustifiable expense and the business didn’t need it.

“For many reasons,” Marshall waffled. Although his primary reason was in order to take photos of Lee on his phone and print them out, for his own personal consumption. For what he had in mind, taking them somewhere to be developed was simply not an option.

“That’s nice and vague.” Lee laughed.

“I was thinking of making up some brochures and sending them out. And putting color ads in some magazines, to draw in business.”


“And this is the best time of year to get one. Most places have sales going on, and it would make a great write-off on the tax return.”

“Is that so? Looks like you have all the answers, don’t you?”

“Does that mean yes?” Marshall asked hopefully.

“That means maybe, boy.” He glanced at his watch. “Looks like we have a little time to kill before we need to pick up Roy. Anything you want to do?”

“You,” Marshall replied bluntly.

“Me?” Lee stepped closer to Marshall, his eyes raking over Marshall’s body. A flash of fire burst through Marshall, the stirring of desire. It didn’t take much when Lee was around. Seemed like Marshall’s libido was always on call when it came to Lee. “I think you have that backward. I think you want me to do you, am I right?”

“Always, “Marshall agreed.

“Where and when?”

“How about here and now?” Marshall closed the gap between them, and pressed his growing bulge against Lee. If that didn’t show how much he wanted Lee, nothing would…

“Underneath the tree, you mean? Aren’t you afraid of getting pine needles in your ass?”

“Not if I’m on my hands and knees, I won’t.”

“Oh damn. “ Lee breathed out hoarsely, and Marshall could tell he’d more than whetted his interest. Well, that and the answering bulge in Lee’s trousers as he rubbed against it.

“See, I was thinking,” Marshall continued, “if we start now, we’ll still have time for a Christmas Eve fuck after dinner, after we spend a little time at the diner. How does that sound?” He reached between them and palmed Lee’s cock with confidence. He had little doubt what Lee’s answer would be. He could read it in his eyes.

“I like the way you think.” Lee thrust against Marshall’s hand, pulling him in for a long, hard kiss, the kind that stole Marshall’s breath away. By the time Lee released him, they were both breathing heavily.

“I like the way you feel,” Marshall countered, “especially when you’re inside of me.”

“I’ll get the lube, you just get ready.” Lee kissed him again, for good measure, practically devouring Marshall’s lips before he stepped back and put some space between them. “Don’t dawdle was his last comment before heading toward the bedroom.

Damn, the things that man could do to him. Marshall shivered in delicious anticipation, losing himself in the moment before he realized he needed to get a move on, or Lee would find him still fully dressed and that would not do at all.

He quickly stripped and threw his clothes onto the couch, careful to set his shoes where Lee wouldn’t stumble on them. Then he dropped to his knees beside the tree—there really wasn’t room beneath it, despite what Lee’d said—and waited.

He didn’t have long to wait. He felt Lee’s presence behind him, felt him drop to the carpet behind Marshall  and press his bare flesh against him.

Oh yes, that’s what he was talking about.

He could tell Lee was on his knees just by the way his hard cock pressed against Marshall’s ass. Marshall pushed back against him, as if he could suck Lee’s cock in that way. His own cock ached, leaking precome beneath him.

“Goddamn, you’re so horny,” Lee practically moaned. Marshall thrilled at the sound of desire in Lee’s voice, knowing it was because of him.

“Are you complaining, old man?” he taunted him. The next moment, Lee swatted his ass and he reveled in the burn.

 “Hell no, and who you calling old?”

“’Fraid you can’t keep up with me?” Marshall continued, grinding back against Lee’s cock. Lee gripped Marshall’s hips and met him thrust for thrust.

“You wish, boy. Anytime, anywhere.”

That’s what he wanted to hear. He ached for Lee, needed to be filled by him… the sooner, the better.
Lee reached beneath Marshall and took his cock into his hand, producing a heartfelt moan from Marshall. “I can hold out all night, boy, what about you?”

“I can hold out just as long as you can,” Marshall insisted, but he knew that wasn’t true, knew if he didn’t feel Lee inside of him soon, he’d start to beg. What a pretty picture that wouldn’t be. But he was starting not to care.

Lee pumped his cock in slow, easy strokes, grinding against Marshall. “Feel good? Good enough? Or do you want more? Tell me what you want, boy. What you need.”

Marshall tried to hold it in, but he was fighting a losing battle against his libido, which demanded immediate gratification, in the form of Lee’s cock. A small whimper rose in his throat, and he tried to hold it in, but somehow it was released.

So what, who cares. The first whimper was quickly followed by a second, and he rubbed harder against Lee.

“I want you,” he got out at last, having gained a modicum of control over his voice so that it didn’t squeak, at least. “I want you inside of me. Please.”

Okay, he was begging, his pride was gone, and all that was left was pure need. That worked too.
Lee released his hips and leaned back, away from Marshall. Marshall heard him pop the top on the lube, then he felt Lee’s lubed fingers slide into his hole. That was a start, although he still wanted more.

“Three fingers,” he begged, and was gratified to feel Lee add another finger, scissoring them inside of Marshall as he stretched his muscles, preparing him. Marshall wasn’t in the mood for extensive foreplay, though, he was ready for the main event. Now.

“Quit teasing me and fuck me already,” he moaned, his hand going to his weeping cock, despite knowing he probably shouldn’t.  Sure enough, Lee swatted the errant hand away.

“Not on your life,” he said, “that’s mine, and I say when…”

Marshall relinquished his hold on his dick and Lee pulled his fingers out of Marshall’s ass.
Oh yes, show time, folks…

Before he had time to mourn the loss of Lee’s digits, Lee had slid his entire length inside Marshall, and Marshall cried out, engulfed by a wave of pure ecstasy.  Lee pulled out and plunged back in, never giving Marshall time to think, simply feel. Marshall rode the waves that surged through his body, his toes curling into the carpet, his fingers threatening to follow suit. He felt about ready to explode, and that without being touched.

As if reading his mind, Lee leaned over Marshall’s back, his hand claiming Marshall’s cock. He began to pump him in quick short strokes, and Marshall realized he wasn’t going to last long.
“Fuck me harder,” he cried, wanting Lee to ramp it up. Lee didn’t pull out as far now, taking shorter and harder thrusts. Marshall grunted in satisfaction, even as he felt his balls tighten, and he couldn’t stop what was coming, even if he wanted to.

“Come on, I can feel you’re ready. Come for me,” Lee urged, their flesh slapping wetly as he drilled into Marshall.  He kissed Marshall’s back, a slight hint of stubble rasping against Marshall’s skin.
Marshall’s whimpers turned into moans as his orgasm reached its height, bursting from his cock in long sticky strings that hit his belly, and covered Lee’s hand. He cried Lee’s name, over and over, like a mantra as Lee milked him with his hand until he had no more to give. He felt Lee’s muscles tighten, and he knew he was ready, then he felt him spill his seed inside of Marshall, even as he continued to thrust.

Finally, Lee slumped over Marshall’s back, his movements having ceased, his hand still grasping Marshall’s softening cock.  Marshall didn’t want to move, wanted them to stay joined like this as long as possible.

Unfortunately, he didn’t think his knees agreed, and he began to seriously doubt whether they’d last much longer.  Before he could voice his fears, Lee had moved back, and he pulled Marshall up with him, wrapping his arms about him as he did. Marshall relaxed back into Lee’s strength for a moment, before Lee brought them both to their feet.

“I think we have time for a shower before we need to get dressed,” Lee drawled. “Then we can put the presents under the tree before we go.”

They never put out the gifts they got each other before Christmas eve, not until the tree was in place and fully decorated. That was their tradition and they were sticking to it. They would each open one gift on Christmas Eve, but the rest waited until morning.

They took a quick shower… well, quick for them, considering the touching and fondling that went on beneath the hot water… then returned to the bedroom and dressed. Marshall brought out the presents he’d hidden for Lee, and placed them beneath the tree. Lee did the same.

“Oh wait,” he said, snapping his fingers. “There’s one more I didn’t get a chance to wrap. Want to get it out for me?”

Marshall gave him a curious look. Since when did Lee not have time to wrap any of his gifts? That didn’t sound like him. So what was going on?

“It’s in the bottom of my closet. Why don’t you go and get it. If you think you can.”

Well, wasn’t that a challenge. Marshall snorted. He could carry anything Lee could, just watch him. He was still wondering why it wasn’t wrapped though. When he returned, his eyes were round, and his mouth had dropped into a perfect o of amazement. In his arms was a large box, inside of which was the very printer he’d been wanting. The one he’d been begging for. Right here. And it was his. Lee must have been planning this for some time. He’d been teasing Marshall, letting him think it wasn’t going to happen, when all the time he knew it was.

“Merry Christmas,” Lee whispered. Marshall set the printer carefully onto the floor, then hurled himself into Lee’s arms.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” he murmured into Lee’s mouth as he kissed him. “I love you so much, Lee. So very much. I hope you know that.”

“I know that, and you know I love you with everything I have and all I am,” Lee replied. “And…”


“And don’t think I don’t know what you intend to use that thing for, and it’s not just for brochures.” 

Lee gave him a knowing look, and Marshall almost giggled, catching himself in time.

“Does that mean you’ll pose for me?” he cheekily asked.

“That means turnabout is fair play, boy, just remember that.”

Hot damn, were they gonna have fun with Marshall’s new toy!

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