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Name Before the Masses Tour: A Darker Rain

Please welcome author Claudine Kapel, who is here to tell us about her newest release, A Darker Rain. I'm currently reading this book, and will review it once I'm done. Claudine will be awarding a $20 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. The more you comment, the better your chances of winning. To find out where the rest of the tour is going to be, go here. Be sure to look for the Rafflecopter at the end of this post.

Responses to Interview Questions from Claudine Kapel, author of A Darker Rain
For Full Moon Dreaming

1)      You’re marooned on a small island with one person and one item of your choice—who is that person and what item do you have?

I’d pick Siddhartha Gautama and a satellite phone. The phone would get us rescued, and we could have some fascinating discussions about the origins of Buddhism while waiting for help to arrive.

2)      Which musical would you say best exemplifies your life – and which character in that musical are you?

I’d be Alice from Alice in Wonderland, because life really is an incredible journey! I’ve also known a few interesting cats.

3)      Take these three words and give me a 100-word or less scenario using them: insurance, owed, talk

Scenario: It’s 1965. Julia is talking to her niece, who is afraid to tell her boyfriend what she thinks about civil rights because she doesn’t want to jeopardize the relationship. Julia says:

Don’t be afraid to talk about how you feel. You don’t owe anyone your compliance and you’re not owed that by others. Being yourself is the best insurance you’ll find for a joy-filled life.

4)      What is your idea of how to spend romantic time with your significant other?

For me, some elements for a romantic evening would include a delightful meal, some beautiful music, and a moonlight walk along a warm sandy beach, bare feet kissed by the lapping water.

5)      When you start a new story, do you begin with a character, or a plot?

I generally start with a scene that is central to the plot. This may be the opening scene of the book, but sometimes it’s a scene that occurs much later. From there, I map out the rest of the plot as well as the related characters.

6)      If they were to make the story of your life into a movie, who should play you?
A friend of mine suggested Lena Dunham. Alternatively, perhaps Jennifer Lawrence. They’re both (a-hem) a tad younger, and perhaps a tad taller, but it could work.

7)      Who’s your favorite horror villain and why?

I don’t really read horror novels or watch horror films, so I don’t have a big inventory of possibilities to choose from. That said, I think I’d go with Dracula, because few historical characters have sparked the imagination of writers over time the way he has.

8)      Do you have a historical crush and if so, who is it?

I’ll go with Marco Polo, who not only engaged in an epic journey of exploration, but also wrote about his travels so others could learn from them.

9)      Is there a story that you’d like to tell but you think the world isn’t ready to receive it?
Not really. I wasn’t sure the world was ready for a story about aliens on Earth, but I wrote it anyway. J

A Darker Rain
by Claudine Kapel



“It’s definitely not a good time to be going into the woods of Hawkley Ridge.”

When a red-eyed wildcat starts threatening ranchers in the Pacific Northwest, Ryan Cole recognizes the danger is far more menacing than the ranchers realize. Cole specializes in tackling unconventional security threats, particularly those with alien origins.

His investigation puts him in the crosshairs of Antoine Drake, an international arms dealer with a penchant for weapons from other worlds. Both men are hot on the trail of powerful alien artifacts known as guardian stones.

Cole and his team of investigators embark on a dangerous quest to recover the guardian stones before they can be assembled into the ultimate alien weapon. To succeed, Cole must also decipher the wildcat’s deadly secrets.

But in the woods of Hawkley Ridge, it’s easy for the hunter to become the prey.

A Darker Rain is the first book in the Ryan Cole series.



Suddenly Cole stopped, raising his hand to halt Dalton’s progress. He heard something. It sounded like a growl, off to the left of the path. The forest became deathly quiet. The night creatures were also aware of the danger in their midst.

Cole reached for his gun. He sensed Dalton doing the same. The cool metal in his hand was reassuring, although he couldn’t forget what the leopard had done to Scofield.

Then he saw the shadowy figure, maybe twenty yards away. Red eyes watching him in the darkness, but well shielded by the forest.

Cole remained still, pondering his options. Memories of countless military operations that had unfolded in forests and jungles flickered through his mind. He had faced many opposing forces in his life, but never anything quite like this.

Cole knew they weren’t in a position to get a good shot, not with trees and brush in the way. He hoped the leopard’s options were equally limited. The animal was large as far as wildcats went, so it was unlikely it could advance through the brush with ease.

Suddenly the red eyes were gone. Within moments, sounds of life returned to the forest.

Cole heard Dalton exhale.

“What the hell was that?” asked Dalton in a whisper.

“A genetic nightmare on four legs,” replied Cole.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

A Darker Rain is Claudine Kapel’s first novel. She lives in Toronto and enjoys books, music, and travel. When not working as a consultant, she can be found writing, reading, or contemplating what else may be out there.

The second book in the Ryan Cole series is planned for release in 2014.

Claudine loves to hear from readers. You can reach her at

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