Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Sexy Saturday #21:

This week's Sexy Saturday has to do with sci fi romance, so I thought I would bring you a little taste of Taz and Reed. You  may remember them from Be My Alien, which M.A. Church and I wrote together. Now they're back, in Be My Human, coming out with Dreamspinner on October 31. Taz is an alien with some unusual qualities, and Reed is his human lover. Enjoy!

Be My Human

“Reed, when can we get the swing you told me about?” He ran his tongue up the inside of Reed’s thighs, over the lightly haired delicate skin.
Reed thought he might lose it then and there. The very thought of having Taz in a swing stirred his imagination and his libido. But that was in the future, certainly not now. “We can’t. Not yet,” he panted. “I don’t think this ceiling… will hold… oh shit…” Before he’d even finished speaking, Taz had pushed him down into one of the two chairs in the room.
“Want to ride you,” Taz moaned. He turned about and bent over, presenting Reed with his plugged ass. “Pull it out, please. It’s time for you to be inside me, not that…”
It was time, Reed agreed, as he carefully removed the toy. He couldn’t help but think of its expensive counterpart, the overindulgent model that had originally brought them together, and he had to smile. This particular version, while not nearly as costly or sparkly, was perfect for their purposes, and had done its job well, keeping Taz simmering all day long. Of course, to be honest, that wasn’t hard for Reed to do.
“Lube, babe,” he murmured. “We need the lube.” He couldn’t resist lightly slapping that magnificent backside, remembering just how wonderful his lover’s dark place tasted. “Hurry,” he added, not sure how long he could keep himself under control. Taz lunged across the bed, not bothering to walk around it. He yanked out the drawer to the side table, spilling the contents on the carpet. Not taking time to pick anything up, he grabbed the tube of lube, rolled over and returned to Reed’s side, holding it out for his use.
God, but Taz was gorgeous… that was the last coherent thought he had as he teased Taz with the plug, sliding it between his legs and rubbing against his balls, before tossing it aside on the table next to him. He spread the slick, cool lube on his dick, hoping the sudden cold would dampen his need to come, and grasped Taz’s hip with one hand. Oh, Taz would ride all right, but he’d do it this way—facing away from him. Reed wanted to see his dick sliding in and out of that quivering hole.

“Straddle me, Taz.” Reed held his dick as Taz scooted back, his legs on either side of Reed’s. “That’s it, babe. Slide down on that dick.”

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