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Wednesday Briefs: Trapped in Time II: Chapter Five

Happy Wednesday and welcome to more flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers!

Today I bring you the next chapter in Trapped in Time II. Doll is intent on finding Vittorio as soon as possible, and he has an idea, but needs to talk to the others first. If he can keep Shaughnessey out of his hair! See what's happening in Chapter 5! And don't forget to visit the other Wednesday Briefers, whose links follow my tale. Enjoy!

Trapped in Time II: Chapter Five

I do not know how much time we will have for this lunch respite, so we must not waste any of it. Once we have all been given tin plates loaded with whatever is being served, I beckon to my group to join me and we take ourselves apart from the others, in order to confer. I try to ignore Shaughnessey. He’s looking right at me and his eyes hold an invitation I have no intention of accepting. I hope he gets the message and keeps his distance. Doesn’t he have some actors he needs to take care of? More important things to do than annoy me?

First, I must make amends to Myron for my slightly surly behavior.  All right, very surly behavior. I’ve had some time to think. There is little else to do while bouncing along on a cantering horse while evading the attentions of an overly amorous Irishman and trying not to fall off said horse at the same time.

 I’ve come to realize that perhaps Myron is not entirely to blame for our present situation. I can’t help but think that my Vittorio would not wish me to be angry with him, and I desire to please my love, even in his absence. I know Myron is only human, after all, and I hold fast to the belief that Vittorio is here, in the same time in which we exist. I feel that he is somewhere close at hand, in a location that is yet unknown to us, and we have but to find him. Which I shall do, no matter how long it takes, even if I must move heaven and hell to do so.

“Myron.” I take a deep breath and place my hand lightly on his arm. He inhales sharply and I see apprehension in his eyes. Charlie slides his arm about Myron’s waist and gives me his confident grin. It is good to know that Charlie realizes I mean no harm. “I am sorry I snapped at you. I don’t blame you for anything. I know you would not harm Vittorio in any way.”

“No, no, never,” he hastens to assure me. He sniffles, and I can feel his distress. I hold my hand out to him and he takes it in his own. Before I realize what has happened, Charlie has engulfed both of us in his embrace, and I know we are good once more.

We sit together as close as we can get. I’ve no wish to be overheard, as I am suspicious of Shaughnessey and I don’t know the other actors and don’t wish to. The fewer people who know of our magic, the better, I cannot help but think.

“Is something wrong, Doll?” Vati asks.

I shake my head. “No, but I did have an idea,” I confide, lowering my voice and glancing around. There is no one in sight, not even my new “friend”.  “I was wondering if perhaps you and Myron can perform a spell that will help us to locate Vittorio?”

Vati and Myron exchange glances while I await their reply. My heart is beating quickly, too quickly. I feel a hand on my knee. Glancing down, I see Mary looking up at me. I reach down and swing her up, onto my lap, holding on to her for comfort. She wraps her arms about my neck and chitters softly in my ear, as if trying to tell me all will be well. At least, that is how I interpret her sounds.

“One moment.” Vati holds up a finger toward me, then motions to Myron, who follows, as they huddle together and confer.  I close my eyes and bury my face against Mary’s soft fur. When I hear my father clear his throat, I hopefully look up.

“We think it is possible,” he pronounces and I breathe a soft sigh of relief.

Thank God. I send up a silent prayer of thanks.

“Do... do you have anything of Vittorio’s?” Myron asks anxiously.

I stop to think, but I’m afraid I don’t. We had little with us as it was, and everything that is his is on him. While I have the clothes that we were given by the kindly travelers, and little else. Most of what we had did not survive the journey through time. I shake my head regretfully, hoping that does not mean... I refuse to finish the thought, even to myself.

Another conference, but of shorter duration. “I still think we can do it,” Myron tells me. “Just give us a little time.”

“How long?” Any delay is painful to me, and probably just as painful to Vittorio, for he has no idea where we are, while at least we are together. I do not mean to be impatient, but my heart aches for him so much that I can barely stand it. I also miss our Kitty. I can only pray they are together.

“Tonight. We’ll do it tonight. Once everyone else is asleep.”

That is not so bad, right? “Okay, that is a good plan,” I assent, offering them a thumbs up. I can see that Myron seems relieved at my acceptance. My father leans down and hugs me.

“We shall find him, you shall see,” he assures me and, for a moment, I lean into his strength. Suddenly, I feel him look up and I follow his glance to find Shaughnessey striding in our direction.

“Not a word, please,” I implore him and Vati nods before he straightens up.

“We’re about ready to move on,” Shaughnessey says. “About ready?”

“Ja, ja, we are good,” Vati replies. “Let us clean up here and...”

I stop listening, moving to help Charlie and Myron take care of what the dishes we used for lunch.

“Doll not eat?” Charlie gives me a distressed look.

I shake my head. I have little appetite.

“Doll will find Vittorio.” He gives me a confident nod and a hug.

I hope he’s right.

to be continued

Until next time, take care!

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