Thursday, August 8, 2013

Why Dr. Smith is a better father to Will Robinson and other Sundries

There's a station called ME TV where you can watch lots of vintage shows. Some are classics, some are
gems, and some are not so good,  but there are a lot of memories there. On Saturday nights, they show Lost in Space, right before Star Trek TOS. I've seen Lost in Space, of course, grew up on it, loved it. My favorite character was Dr. Zachary Smith (maybe that says a lot about me, since he's supposed to be the villain of the story, or maybe it says something for the others that he's the most interesting person there lol). When the film was made, and that role went to Gary Oldman, I was ecstatic. Not so much when the film came out, which is not Gary's fault, and it didn't stop me from seeing it a few times at the theatre.

And actually, what I'm about to say holds true for the movie as well as the series, but it's the series I'm talking about right now, because it's fresher in my mind.

Dr. Smith, for all his faults, was a better father to Will than John Robinson.

He spent more time with Will, there's no denying that. John Robinson spent little time with his family, the quintessential working father so common at that time. And yet, he certainly wasn't working a 9-5 40 hour job. He could make his own hours. He chose to do what he did.

Dr. Smith was a mentor to Will, a role-model, if you will. Will obviously cared for him, and looked out for
him, stood up for him and pleaded leniency when maybe he didn't always deserve it. Obviously, he learned a lot from the Doctor, including compassion. Great job, Zachary! And fie on you, John Robinson, for failing as a parent. And no, Maureen wasn't much better, but she was a little more attentive.

I'm a little behind on what I've been watching, but here goes. Hell's Kitchen ended last night, and quite happily, with Ja'nel winning a spot as Gordon Ramsay's chef, beating out Mary. I knew Mary couldn't win, she didn't have it in her. I had made an early prediction that the last two standing would be Ja'nel and Jon. I came close. Jon was cut at the last moment. Great job, Ja'nel!

Master Chef is down to 7 chefs now. In a surprise move, the top 6 chefs didn't cook in tonight's episode.
Instead, each of the judges brought back a contestant they felt had gone too soon - Bime, Brie and Linn. They competed against one another to see who would come back to Master Chef. The challenge involved cooking as many perfect fried eggs as they could. In that challenge, Linn was eliminated, leaving Bime and Brie to duke it out. They had to cool a huge Alaskan salmon, with potatoes and asparagus, and the six contestants were to judge, along with Joe, in a blind taste test. In the end, the vote went to Brie, and she's back. My favorite is still Luca. He's emerging as a strong contender these days, so don't go counting him out!

For all intents and purposes, Food Network Star is done. The final three made their pilots, and America voted. Now we wait the result, in next Sunday's episode. I was sad when Chad was eliminated. I still think he has what it takes. But I'm rooting for Russell now, and I hope he and his culinary sins make it!

A new season of Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell just started. The show is okay, if somewhat predictable.
There's also a new season of Top Chef Masters. I've got two favorites there, Chef Neal Fraser and Chef Sang. There is a twist to this season. Each chef brought a sous chef, and the sous chefs compete first, and their actions often come back to haunt their chefs. Sometimes immunity, sometimes a penalty. Tonight's episode was very interesting,****Spoilers**** with the masters feeding the cast of Days of our Lives. They were divided into three teams to represent Sex, Murder, and Greed, and their food had to reflect those themes. Three chefs, thanks to their sous chefs, had penalties. One sat in jail for 30 minutes, one was in a coma for 30 minutes, and one was in a crime scene for 30 minutes, at various stages of their cooking. In the end, Chef Odette was sent packing.

Well, that's it for right now, but next time I want to talk about Crossing Lines, The Glades and The Bridge. And Hannibal too, even though the season is done.

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie


  1. Will Robinson was actually a better father to Dr. Smith. :) I mean, the man was a child. He always had some not terribly bright scheme to get out of work, or cheat the aliens, or reprogram the robot. Will went along sometimes, being a kid himself, but he usually was the one to eventually act like an adult. Dr. Smith never did. And that's why kids loved him! He was one of us. We got him. I loved that show. :D

    1. You are so right, but Dr. Smith is still better than John Robinson lol Yes, Will matured early, he was a very bright boy.

      And my daughter crushed on him, even as old as he was, after he was too old for me lol

  2. Thank you for the hop my best birthday was when i met my fiance for the first time the best present a guy could ever have.