Friday, June 28, 2013

Feature & Follow Friday

I haven't managed to do this for awhile, nice to get back to it!  Happy Friday one and all! This week flew by! Don't forget to see who else is hopping! Go here!

Q: What is your preferred reading format? Hardcover, eBooks, paperback etc?

Although I seldom buy them any more, because they are ridiculously expensive, there is just something about the feel of a hardback in my hands that I enjoy, especially an older one with a nice cover - not a jacket. I buy paperbacks because they're cheaper and lighter to carry, but now that I have  Kindle Paperwhite (thanks to my generous son!) I am getting used to that.


  1. I agree, I have somewhat converted over to eBooks, but I will always love a good hard cover :D

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  2. Happy Friday! I prefer reading paperbacks. I love the feel of real pages in my hand. I read eBooks sometimes, though. They're always faster to finish and you can easily highlight the passages you like.

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  3. I know just what you mean! There's something about hardbacks :)

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  4. While I love print, and beautiful covers, ebooks are currently winning just due to the amount of books I can carry around with me. I may be a book hoarder.

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  5. Hi, great answer. :)

    I do still love paperbacks, and always will. I love seeing them, smelling them and being around them. They bring me calm. When e-readers came out I was totally against them, but now? I don't mind so much. It makes my life easier especially when one is reviewing (where highlighting is concerned), but if I've truly loved a book, I will also purchase said book in paperback. I have to own it - physically!

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  6. I really prefer physical books myself - especially hardcovers. But I do read lots and lots of ebooks. :)

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  7. I am a physical reader myself.
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  8. Getting a Kindle changed how I read. Now I carry hundreds of books with me where ever I go!

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