Saturday, November 24, 2012

Proving Santa Exists Review

Proving Santa Exists  
Author: Victoria Blisse
American release date: November 13, 2012
Format/Genre/Length: Ebook/M/F Romance/58 pages
Publisher/Industry Age Rating: Mature/18+
Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★

There’s a new arrival in the UK offices of Computers, Incorporated. His name is Jonathan, and he has the tongues of the ladies wagging. But Jenny refuses to gossip about him with Susan. Instead, she is determined to make the Texas transplant feel at home in a strange place by extending the hand of friendship to him. It doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes, and his voice does things to her…


Jenny invites Jonathan to lunch, her treat, and they bond over the Christmas special—thick, rich soup and turkey and dressing sandwiches. She is attracted to him, especially after he tells her his story of being an orphan. She was always prone to bringing him unwanted strays as a child, a habit which has not diminished over the years. She impulsively invites him to join her for Christmas, and to help her decorate her Christmas tree. He gladly accepts. What does it mean, though, when he kisses her? Does he find her simply convenient, or does he feel sorry for her because she’s plump and probably lonely?

Is she reading more into this than she should? Or will this become a Christmas she’ll never forget?


I really really enjoyed this short sweet Christmas story. It’s hot and sweet and sentimental, and frankly it had me wiping at my eyes. I love how it isn’t about two perfect people finding one another; it’s about two real people finding love. Jenny is an amply proportioned woman who feels inadequate, especially compared to Susan, whom she thinks is perfectly lovely. But love is in the eye of the beholder, and Jonathan prefers her curves and her warm and loving personality to anything Susan has to offer.

This is a great tale to curl up with on a cold winter night, with your favorite beverage, dreams of Christmas bouncing about your head. I’ve read it twice already. It’s a definite keeper, good for any time of the year. As a bonus, Victoria has included her recipes at the end of the book, although I warn American readers, you’ll need a translation.

Get a copy for yourself, and buy copies for the people you love who love a good romance!

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