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Sci Fi Sunday - Reality Check Continues

Hello and Happy Sci Fi Sunday to you! Today we have more of Reality Check to offer you - can two men find love on a planet far far away when they appear to be so very different? Or are they more similar than they realize, at least in matters of the heart?  Don't forget to check out Sui Lynn's blog, 2 Cents, as well as our joint blog - Backdoor Divas!

As you'll recall from the last episode, Reno was supposed to come to the royal palace to pretend to court Kay's sister, Luci. But a family emergency has kept him at home, and Kay has come to find his beloved and see what the problem is.....

Reality Check

Chapter Five

Fear skitters across my spine. My Kay is here? Oh Guardian, we had an appointment. A chance to be together and I’ve blown it already. He’s a prince and certainly not the kind to take to being stood up lightly. Jaou places a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

I marshal  my thoughts into some semblance of order. “Please go check on Dorian and I’ll go talk to Kay. I’ll try and get him into my rooms before Mother sees that he’s here.”

“Are you sure, Reno?” Jaou nervously shifts from foot to foot.

“I’m sure. If she’s out there too, I’ll be sure and get you. Now go check on Dorian!” I point in the direction of the door as an incentive.

“Fine!” Jaou stomps off in high dudgeon, but I can’t worry about him right now. I’ve other concerns.

He must be here to tell me what I can do with my suit. I can feel depression setting into my soul, I can’t… I won’t let him get away. He’s just going to have to deal with my familial obligations. I mean, I know he’s a bit selfish, but surely he’ll see reason? It’s my brother’s life… I couldn’t just leave Dorian. I had to save him… Surely…

I know, I’m procrastinating. There’s no way of knowing what he’ll say unless I let him in. What choice do I have? I surely can’t leave him standing just outside my door.

I walk down the short hall and slide the door to the side in order to admit my love. The sight which meets my eyes is both terrifying and awe-inspiring at the same time. Kay’s beauty and dishevelment are all rolled up into one lovely but grimy mess. His clothing, obviously once regal and probably quite expensive, is now dirtied and rather the worse for wear. Dust streaks his face, giving it an odd off-balance appearance, but he counters it by being so glorious it’s all I can do not to wrap him in my arms and spirit him away.

“My Prince, Welcome to my home.” Without thinking of what I do, I drop to one knee quickly before him, then regain my feet.


Am I foolish for thinking a serious question deserves an actual answer? Or did I hallucinate seeing someone at all, and am I simply addressing my question into thin air? Or perhaps I’ve hit my head harder than I imagined, though right now I can’t actually remember doing so. Does that make me dizzy, then?  Yes, that must be it, I’m dizzy with desire. Desire to see my Reno.

As if some provident god has heard my wish, the thin-ass door, which a mere kick would send sprawling without much trouble, opens, and I see him standing before me. My first thought is thank the stars I’m in the right place. The second one is please kiss me before I die.

I stumble toward him. Stumble being the operative word, as I seem to have lost the ability to walk. My legs have suddenly gone numb, and every muscle in my body aches. I feel like a damn baby, trying to take his first steps. The point is I’m going down, even as I reach my arms toward him. “Reno! You’re here!” Then the world goes momentarily black...


Sandplats!! He’s falling! I make a quick and well-coordinated grab for him even as he heads in a definite downward spiral, and gather him into my arms just before he crumples to the floor. What can have happened to my princeling! I hold him against me, relishing the sensation of having him in my arms once more. His forehead seems a bit warm, and he appears flushed... Where’s Swy? Why isn’t he looking after him? I’m going to have to have words with my prince’s bodyguard. This is most definitely conduct unbecoming, and nothing I will tolerate. Not when his personage is so important to me.  I bend down and slip an arm beneath his legs, lifting him, enfolding him into myself, holding him tight against my chest. I really do need to get him out of here before Mother sees that he’s here.

I nudge the door; it slides gently closed. I turn and dash down the corridor with my prince snuggled against my chest like the treasure he is.

“What could’ve happened to you, my Prince?” I mumble into his ear. I push the door to my rooms open with my foot, making sure they close behind me before I take a seat on the bed, my Kay in my arms. I brush back the hair from his face. Only then do I realize what he’s done since last I’ve seen him. He’s colored his tresses the most beautiful hues—violets and blues that are most becoming with his gray eyes. If they would just open…
“Kay, my prince...” I gently brush my lips against his. How I ache for him.


I hear his voice: it’s him, it’s Reno. I know I’m not imagining that. It’s his arms that hold me, his lap I’m resting so very comfortably in that I almost—but not quite—forget my aches and pains, the ones I’ve gained on my tortuous journey. A journey I shall most certainly have to tell him about in great lengths.

I make the effort to open my eyes, even though I feel that to do so might lead to a blinding headache, but no, it’s alright. Reno’s here. He’s here, but he looks so worried. Why? Is something wrong? Please don’t let anything be wrong.

His kiss. It’s his kiss I feel, how wonderful his lips, they give me life.

“I waited for you,” I murmur, my tongue feeling thick in my mouth for some reason. “You were supposed to come, to court me. I mean Luci. But you didn’t... and I was afraid...” I’ve never admitted fear to anyone in my life before, and yet I spill my heart’s contents as easily as a news reader might slip out the scandals of the day—without hesitation. I trust him, I love him, what else is there to say? “I was afraid you’d.... changed your mind.”

There. I’ve just admitted my biggest fear to Reno. Bared my soul to him. And right now, I just want to curl up against him, and never move. Ever.


He must have some story to tell, and I want to hear all the details but my first thoughts are to apologize to him for being so lacking , in manners and in punctuality, and in anything else I’m guilty of by not appearing when I was scheduled to be there for him.“I’m so sorry, Kay. I meant to be there... We meant to be there. But you see we’ve run into a bit of an emergency. My brother’s been hurt. Jaou and I were needed to help resuscitate him. Jaou’s in the garden with Dorian now.” I tremble slightly, not from fear of losing my brother... but from the proximity of this hot sexy man I’m holding in my arms. I want nothing more than to ravish his lips but he’s so delicate, I don’t want to hurt him. I lean in and gently kiss him, moaning into his open mouth as I slip my tongue between his lips, tasting my princeling.

It feels like it’s been forever since I last sampled those lips and tasted his sweet hot mouth. “If it wasn’t for my brother being at death’s door, I’d have been at your side, I swear it. Now tell me, my beauty, what has befallen you since last we met? Why do I find you here and in this alarming condition? And where is that miserable Swy?”

 What do you think of Reality Check so far? What would you like to see happen? Questions? Comments? We'd love to hear from you!

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