Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Silver Flash #11: Yes He's My Ex: Escape!

Another Wednesday, another Silver Flash, brought to you courtesy of the flashers of Silver Publishing! This week we had two prompts to choose from:  "What's that noise?" and "Um . . .  why don't you try taking the wrapper off first?"  I used them both!  Without further ado, the continuing saga of Sonny and Tim!


“What’s that noise?”

Sonny almost leaps into my lap at the sound of the slamming car door, his arms so tight around my neck I feel like I’m in imminent danger of strangulation, not to mention there isn’t a whole lot of space for two people behind a steering wheel. My heart flies into my throat, and my first thought is omigod, they’ve caught on to us, we’re in for it now.

But a quick glance into my rearview mirror tells me otherwise. It’s just Dale. While this is slightly better than either Carlo or his Neanderthal sidekick, I’m still not real pleased, for obvious reasons. I’m about to tell him to get the fuck out of my car when I notice the front door open and the two stooges are spilling out, heading in our direction, so I swallow my words, push Sonny off of me and step on the gas, peeling out. For once I’m not worried about what the effects of laying rubber will have on my tires.

Well, that solves that immediate problem, I’m thinking, namely the being held hostage thing. But of course it leads to others. Such as where the fuck are we and how do we get back to an area I’m familiar with, and please God don’t let me drive in circles so that we end up where we started from. Being dark doesn’t help either, ‘cause frankly every place looks the same in the dark when you don’t know where you are.

Sonny’s managed to calm down, once he realized what’s going on, and he keeps turning in his seat to talk to Dale. I have my eyes half on the street, half on my rearview mirror, watching Dale. When I see him reach out like he’s gonna pull Sonny into the back seat with him, I handily karate chop his hand, even if it means driving with just one hand temporarily. Dale wails, the stupid prick. First chance I get, I gotta get rid of that boy.

“Tim-tim, are you mad at Dale?” Sonny asks in the most ingenuous voice you ever heard. I glance over at him, best as I can without running us off the road, and he looks so damn cute, how can I possibly stay mad at him, even if maybe he deserves it?  I can’t.  Stay mad at Dale? Hell yeah, I can.

“Sonny, I’m damn mad at Dale,” I confess, reaching out my arm toward him. He scooches closer and snuggles against me as I wrap my arm protectively about him. “It’s his fault we’re in this mess, you and me. This has nothing to do with us. He should never have asked you for the money to begin with, and he should never have tried to drag me into it either.”

“I’m sorry, Tim.” His voice is muffled against my side, but I can still make out the words. I sigh, and squeeze him gently, wishing I could kiss him, but that would be dangerous under the circumstances. Later, though. Definitely, later.

“I know you are, Sonny.” I soften my tone, try not to be such a hard-ass.

Finally, a bit of luck! I see an exit sign for a familiar highway. I take the ramp, keeping a nervous eye both for signs that we’re being followed as well as any move on Dale’s part to attempt to usurp my Sonny. Yeah, I said it. MY Sonny. So far the coast is clear.

I jump on the interstate, put the pedal to the metal and take off like a bat out of hell.  Twenty minutes later, I feel comfortable enough to get off at an exit that will take us into a more familiar part of town.

“Tim-tim, I’m hungry.”  Sonny rubs his face against my arm; he reminds me of a very affectionate cat.

The rumblings in my own stomach, as well as the grousing I hear coming from Dale about being hungry too decide my next move. We need to find something to eat and then deliberate our course of action. And by our I mean mine and Sonny’s as I don’t intend for Dale to be any part of this picture. There’s stuff we need to talk about, Sonny and me, and the sooner we get rid of this excess baggage in the back seat the better. I’ll feed him, okay, and then I’ll drop him off somewhere, I don’t care where as long as it’s far away from us.

“What do you feel like?” I ask Sonny, knowing that he eats just about every kind of fast food there is; when we were together, his mood would usually determine where we ate.

“I want a taquito!” he says excitedly. I keep from rolling my eyes. It’s not a fast food restaurant he’s talking about, I know better than that. Sonny is addicted to the ones that you get in the convenience store attached to the gas station. Not exactly gourmet food or anything, but I have to admit that they are good. And easy to find.

I pull into the nearest link in that particular chain, add a few dollars worth of gas to my car, then go inside, Sonny and Dale trailing me, to pick out some food and some fountain drinks.  We drive to a nearby park to eat, ‘cause I don’t want grease on my seats.

Sonny and I sit on one side of the table. I keep Dale at arm’s length on the other side.

I eye Dale warily as he chows down. "Um . . .  why don't you try taking the wrapper off first?" I suggest. Secretly I hope he chokes. Not so secretly, maybe.

Okay, we’re fed and watered, time to plan. I have Sonny’s hand in mine, he’s wearing his usual dumb grin. I guess I would be too if we weren’t in such deep shit.

“Tim-tim, who’s that?” Sonny asks, just as I feel a tap on my shoulder.


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  1. I really do see Sonny as the equivelant of a dumb blond. lol I'm still loving this! And Tim's inner dialogue is always hilarious. :)

  2. I think you're very right about Sonny! Sometimes I just shake my head at him and then look at Tim and ask, really, dude? Why?

    lol Glad you're enjoying it!

  3. WOW this is exciting. We're on the lamb, I like how you worked in that prompt. But who tapped Tim on the shoulder?

    you tease!

  4. buahaha, have to wait to next week to find out! I like the next prompt too!

  5. Okay, who is it. Did they the bad guys catch up? I can't wait to find out! :)

  6. SOn of a...I can't take all this tension. MY Sonny. I like that.

  7. What has Sonny gotten Tim-Tim into now??? Nice installment of their saga.

  8. Sonny's really growing on me. Who could resist him?

  9. Eeek, another cliffhanger. Great work on getting both prompts into your story.