Friday, January 28, 2011

Review: Finder Series 2: Cage in the Finder

Akihito is doing his thing as a photographer when he is approached by a policeman with questions – about Asami. Akihito plays it cool, denies knowing the mysterious businessman, and says he knows nothing about Asami having broken into Chinese mafia headquarters in order to save a man. The cop tells Akihito that he has something useful – a membership card to Asami’s club Cyon – so why don’t they go there and get something to drink? Why not indeed.

At the club his companion disappears, as Akihito looks around him, his eyes unable to keep from searching for Asami. Snooping around, his usual m.o., he discovers the control room for the club, and he sees some interesting things – including Asami, who comes up behind him. One thing leads to another, and their lips become tangled again, as well as their emotions, as Asami stamps Akihito with his ownership once again.

Meanwhile back in Hong Kong, Fei Long Liu returns home after a busy day, and his mind turns to a day seven years before – the day when he first met Asami. Fei is at loggerheads with his brother, Yan Tsi Liu. They both work for their father, the head of a Chinese mafia family. Fei is not his actual son, but was adopted, a fact that Yan is not hesitant to rub into his brother’s face. Their father is very ill, and his sons spend what time they can at his bedside, but Fei wonders if his father even sees him.

Fei is sent to deal with the emissary of a rival mafia family, the Toh, which is how he meets Asami. Fei has never met anyone quite like Asami. Together, the two men are volatile. Asami has the capacity to be both violent and tender – it’s really quite confusing. He gives Fei advice concerning the Toh, and dealing with them, but when Fei tries to tell his brother, he is accused to caring more for this stranger than his own family. When Yan tries to force himself on Fei, his reaction brings about Fei’s estrangement from his family, and the furtherance of his relationship with Asami.

Yan tries to get Fei to return home, but he holds out, until he realizes that if he doesn’t go back now, he may never see his father alive again, even knowing that he is undoubtedly walking into a trap. But what choice does he have, even against the sage advice which Asami offers? Can he trust what Asami says, and how does he really feel about him?

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